May 30, 2014

Tiny Dancer

Vivian has her first ever ballet recital this weekend and these pics are from her dress rehearsal.  I started doing ballet at the same age of 3.  I have always loved to dance, especially ballet, and secretly once I found out I was having a little girl, longed for the day when I could enroll her in her first lesson.  I'm no "dance mom" by any means, but I have enjoyed watching her grow in her love of dancing as this year has passed and seeing her do a tendu or an arabesque and actually use the correct term as she performs it!

And of course, as she seems to appreciate the art of ballet like I did, she also digs a good red lip which was required for her performances...oh goody!!!  The dance studio also wanted eyeshadow and mascara added, but when her eyes started fluttering as I came at her with a mascara wand, we quickly bailed on that idea and just went for the hot pink cheeks and bright red lips. Which honestly, was just enough for the this angelic face.   Her brothers immediately commented on how "different" she looked but that she looked "SO pretty!"  She's actually wearing the same Milani blush I did in this blogger collaboration but I layered it a lot heavier for her stage performance.  And I learned quickly that when applying red lipstick to a tiny dancer, that they mess with their mouths a lot, so a stay put lip product like Wet n' Wild megalast liquid lipstick was a must so it didn't end up on that lavender costume!!

Of course I expect her to do the occasional stop and stare at her classmates to see what comes next during her performance but I don't care.  Even though she is so little, she has the courage to be on that big stage, and that confidence is all that matters.  I'm already so proud of my tiny dancer.

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May 29, 2014

Top 4 Long Wear Lip Color Products That Lock In

I actually like to apply lipstick and gloss.  It doesn't bother me to reapply throughout the's practically therapeutic.  But I know there are instances when we don't really want to be busting out the lip gloss in front of a dinner guest or during a big event.  So I have a few long wear favorites for when those times arise and you need your lips to be locked in for hours.
Here are my Top 4 Favorite Stay Put Lip Products...

Shop the stay put lip products shown (from left to right) : 

Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in "Carina," $22 (Product I'm wearing in these pics)
L'Oreal Infallible Lipcolor, (2 step system with a clear balm put on top) $11
MAC Pro Longwear Lipglass ("Full Speed Ahead" shown above), $20

I am super hard on my lips - I am constantly drinking coffee, water, wine (in that order), I enjoy snacking (all day long), and I love kissing on my kids, so lip products don't have a chance on my mouth.  

After trying out my fair share of long wear lippies, these 4 definitely perform the best of the ones I've tried.  Many long wear products tend to dry out my lips and make them feel like they're suffocating - these don't do that.  Now when they promote "all day" or "long wear" I do take that with a grain of salt.  If they say it lasts 8 hours, I usually cut that in half and have an expectation of maybe 4 hours.  I'm not an unrealistic person.  If a lip color stays for at least 2-3 hours and actually still looks like it did the moment I put it on with no fading, I'm pretty happy.  

The key to keeping stay put products working to their full potential is to :
  • have well exfoliated lips (no flakiness!), 
  • don't overdue the application with multiple layers - if it gets too thick it will prob end up having that suffocating feeling and start to clump.  One, maybe 2 thin layers max is enough,
  • and don't rub your lips together or lick your lips for at least 1 minute after applying these so it can have time to lock in.
Other products I'm wearing in this look just in case you like:

What are your favorite long wear lip glosses and lipsticks? How many hours do you consider long wear? 

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May 27, 2014

Product Review :: The Most Dramatic Eyelashes EVER With Younique 3D Fiber Lash System

I never get tired of wearing mascara.  It's the one product that truly helps my eyes look alive (not sleepy) while also making me feel super feminine.  I've tried practically every mascara on the market and worn false lashes a gazillion times for more dramatic looks.  So I was excited to get the opportunity to experience this 3 step lash system by Younique called Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes.

{The end result - Dramatic right?!}

This gel and fiber duo definitely gave me bigger, thicker, and no doubt looonger lashes than any other mascara I've ever used.  Now it did take me awhile to figure out how to best use this 3 step process without getting crazy spidery lashes, but once I used it for a couple of days I got the hang of it! After posting that I'd received it on my Instagram account (@JennySueMakeup) I got a ton of comments, opinions, and advice on best practices on using it from all sorts of people!  I chose not to wear hardly any eyeshadow or eyeliner in these pics so you could get the full effect of this product.

I watched a couple of YouTube videos of others showing how to use this system and these women would go CRAZY on using tons of coats of the transplanting gel and multiple layers of the fibers, but it looked horrible!  I want lush lashes, not tarantulas on my eyes!! Moderation is key in my opinion with this stuff and a little goes a long way.

The fibers are 100% natural and made from green tea so they can be worn by contact lense wearers too, so you don't have to be freaked out if one falls into your eyes, which I was!  But no issues with sensitivity or anything while using them.

Here's how I used the 3D Fiber Lashes :

1.  Curl clean makeup free lashes with an eyelash curler to give the best bend.
2.  Apply one light coat of your favorite mascara, but be sure to NOT to use one that is a volumizing formula bc it could end up getting real clumpy.  I used Cover Girl Clump Crusher and just a very light coat of it on upper and lower lashes.  The side by side eye pics above where I have one eye completed with the 3D system is showing me with regular CG mascara in comparison.
3.  Then apply the transplanting gel while immediately applying the lash fibers before the gel dries.  I did one eye at a time, applying the gel on the upper and lower lashes, then fibers onto each.  Take it easy here until you get the desired effect and drama you want.  It took me about 3 days to get the right combo!
4.  Apply one last coat of transplanting gel to seal in the fibers.

Overall, despite having to do multiple steps to get the desired lash effect, I really ended up liking the results.  Once I took my mascara off, (I used a waterproof eye makeup remover, warm water, and a little patience) I realized just how dramatic this stuff really makes your lashes look!  It made my normal mascara seem really wimpy! I will absolutely be saving this system for special occasions and date nights when I don't want to bother with false lashes.

Big thanks to Ashely for reaching out and hooking me up with this product!  If you'd like to try this  system out for yourself, at $29 I think it packs more punch than any normal mascara you'd buy at Sephora.  Here's a link to purchase and read more about the Younique Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes HERE.  

Have you ever tried this lash system?  What was your experience?

*This product was sent to me for consideration only by a presenter for Younique and I was not paid for this review. Opinions expressed are honest and my own as always.*

May 22, 2014

Favorite Magazine

These are all of the magazines I currently subscribe to.  And having them all spread out like this makes it look a little ridiculous. Especially since it's very hard for me to ever sit down and actually read anything in my house with my kids around!! Ha!  But I am a sucker for a magazine to flip through as opposed to looking on my iPhone or iPad.  When I have a chance to relax in my favorite chair in my house (a papasan), with a glass of wine (pinot grigio), and a candle burning (Votivo Red Currant), there is nothing better than a good magazine to get inspired on what's the latest and greatest in fashion and beauty.

I've started to realize that a couple of these magazines aren't holding my interest like they used to though.  This is obviously bc my tastes and likes are changing.  I actually enjoy reading the cooking articles in Redbook (I might not apply them but they're fun to read) and some of the self help articles in Journal and Glamour.  This shows that I truly am getting older bc in the past, those types of articles would bore me.  Lately I'm falling out of love with Lucky magazine because it doesn't seem to have enough "meat" in it and the repetitive layout of bags and shoes in a row seems stale. And as much as I love the photographs in Elle, it's just too high fashion for me and unrealistic for my mommy lifestyle.  But how gorgeous is Angelina on this months cover???
My absolute favorite that I never get tired of - InStyle.  It's just the right mix of celebrities, fashion, beauty, home decor, and the occasional cocktail and appetizer recipes!

I might need to cut this pile in half soon because two of these were still in their covers before I shot this picture.  That's usually what happens to my least favorites;)
What's your favorite magazine and why?

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May 21, 2014

Pool Blue Eyes

The fact that my kids are out of school now means it's officially summer which equates to a lot of pool time.  And POOL water is typically BLUE which is my inspiration for today's look.  Yes, it's that simple.  Here's how to make pool blue work for you...

Get My Look:

The great thing about this look is that : It doesn't scream 1980-something and it's pretty easy to accomplish.  So to keep it from looking like you are running around in your leg warmers and sprayed high bangs, keep the blue shadow MATTE with no shimmer in sight.  I love the 2 blue shades included in this "Free Spirit" Revlon eyeshadow quad plus it also has a light sandy brown shade that I used just above the crease of my eye to warm up the look.  Also, the only eyeliner used is just along the lower inner waterline (I used a matching blue Revlon pencil), so no need to perfect the winged eye or anything like that on the upper lash line.  
Dust those blue shades all over both lash lines to give it that wash of color that feels light and summery, not heavy and hot.

Since the eyes are taking center stage, I kept the skin dewy looking with my MAC face & body foundation (N2) combined with my favorite coral shimmer cheek stain (I've owned "tipsy" for years!) to give my cheeks a warm sunny glow.  I finished off the look with the universal lip color MAC Viva Glam V lip glass, which looks good on EVERYBODY and goes with practically any eye makeup look I care to create.  This is how I keep that relaxing pool feeling all summer long...

Do you do have any favorite blue eye shadow colors?

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May 19, 2014

Monday Beauty Mantra

As I sit here writing this blog post, my head is swimming thinking about all I have to, need to, and want to accomplish today and this week.  From work priorities, blogging stuff, and the everyday personal things, it all just seems overwhelming when I start to actually list it out.  And on top of all of it, as of this Monday my children have officially started their summer vacation.  Which sounds nice and relaxing doesn't it?  Unless, you are a stay at home mom who also runs her own business out of her house and has been used to having a quiet house to herself from 9:30am-3pm to accomplish things.  

Now I have three little people to keep happy and entertained all while trying to still run my same schedule.  I've literally been attempting to write these 2 small paragraphs for the past hour and a half now because I've had to either get someone something to eat, break up a scuffle between 2 brothers, give them ideas of things to do that don't involve TV (because they're SO bored already on the first day at home), or help my toddler in the bathroom.  So I needed to read this by David Allen (no I don't know who he is, but I thank him for this quote) because I must realize that it is not expected of me to do everything.  I think this is a pressure many of us moms put upon our selves on a daily basis of trying to do it all.

I'm going to have a lot of alone time with these 3 angels this summer!

As my blog and my freelance business grow, I am thankful but it also presents challenges.  I find myself wanting to respond to every single inquiry and "opportunity" from brands that contact me to work with me. And I tell you, I get at least 20+ a day, which on top of other emails,  is practically impossible to respond to them all.  Especially if I actually want to parent, interact with my children and husband, and have some sort of relationship with them over my computer.  I want to blog every day (ok at least 5 days a week) and for my business to get bigger and better because isn't that what I am supposed to want since I started this blog?  Why would I want it to just stay status quo, never want my page visits to grow, never want a bigger number of my Instagram or Facebook followers and just be happy with whatever number of people choose to follow me?  I value the readers that continue to come back and comment, but why would I want even more to have to respond to which equals more time on my computer?  Because I am human, and we like to be liked, and isn't that what social media is all wrapped up in?  

I read a fantastic article in my June Glamour magazine by the actress Zosia Mamet from the show Girls.  Which I have never seen an episode of, but I hear is pretty entertaining. We watch more Disney channel than HBO in my house.  It's called "No, I Won't Lean In, Thanks" and it's short but hits the freakin' nail on the head discussing why isn't it ok for women to be perfectly happy with just running a small coffee shop (or makeup blog) instead of feeling pressure to run an "empire?" Why is it looked down upon if I don't want to start my own makeup line, have a raging YouTube following, or I haven't worked with Oprah's face yet?  What about the hundreds of brides I've worked with on the most special day of their life?  I think that's a pretty big deal to get entrusted to work on those faces and it is very fulfilling.  I'm thankful that as being a small business owner, I am the maker of my own destiny.  If I want a "promotion" it's up to me and only me as to how I'm going to get it.  And that promotion might be to stay put and happy with my current job description because it's manageable.

So in conclusion my ranting comes on a Monday, which isn't surprising, as it's the day I always feel most overwhelmed. Hopefully I can take my own advice to just take each day as it comes and try to prioritize what is most important each day in my work life.  I must always remember that I am a mom first, and these three people at home with me until August deserve a fun summer.  Which means not looking at the back of moms head while she answers emails!  Hang in there with me readers, I love this blog and will be posting good stuff during these summer months but it might not be every single day because hopefully I'll be at the park or teaching my kids how to be stronger swimmers.  But have no fear, I'll still be wearing makeup during all of the above activities and feel the need to share what I wore...hahahaha! 

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May 16, 2014

6 Bloggers : 1 Lipstick + 1 Blush

I'd like to take this moment to thank Danielle over at for dreaming up and then making the following fabulous collaboration happen.  She had the idea to see if 6 DIFFERENT bloggers with DIFFERENT skin tones could pull off the SAME shades of lipstick and blush...

I am wearing the products we all were sent by Milani Cosmetics : 

When I heard about this idea, I couldn't have been more excited - this is what bloggers live for is to collaborate with others that genuinely love doing what you do and to pick up new talent to follow and be inspired by!

Click over now to  to see her great breakdown and swatches of these products, plus all of the individual shots of these bloggers for comparison, and other makeup products we wore with our Milani products.
I have included their Twitter handles for you to follow as well :

Danielle from, @StyleNBeautyDoc
Trina from, @BabyShopa
Lara from,  @PrettyConnected
Alissa from, @StylishCurves
Ren Ren from, @makeupbyRenRen

My personal experiences with these 2 products :

Lipstick - Beautiful finish that had an ever so slight blue based undertone that tended towards a pinky red.  It was bright, but not obnoxious on my fair skin.  I swear it made my teeth seem whiter! Bonus! The finish felt hydrating enough but not slippery and had good staying power.
Blush - Blush is my thing, so I'm pretty picky.  But Danielle had told me before I had received this blush, that I would no doubt love it.  She was right - this baked blush is SO pigmented you'd think it was a department store one.  It is matte with no shimmer but looks so smooth on the skin, it's like you're blushing from within!  I needed just a touch of this blush bc it is so bold, so this will last me a long time!

All of my new blogging buddies look amazing in their own individual way and I am honored I got to be a part of this project.  Happy Friday everyone!

May 15, 2014

Camouflage A Late Night Face in 5 minutes

We all encounter those nights that leave us waking up looking less than bright eyed and bushy tailed. And that usually happens when we have very little time to get ready the morning after because we end up oversleeping to make up for that late night!  Whether it be due to babies that refuse to sleep when normal people do or when the bubbly has gotten the best of you until 2am...Here are the quickest ways to camouflage a rough night...

{Julianna's messy bun perfection.}

1. Throw that slept in hair up into a MESSY BUN.  No time for a shower, no problem.  Start by spraying in some dry shampoo (Big Sexy Hair Volumizing Dry Shampoo is my absolute favorite), rub it in with your fingers to give better texture than a brush, and then pile it up high on your head with a strong elastic.  The more haphazard the better and this gives you a mini face lift too!  If you have shorter hair,  still try the bun thing, but keep it around ear lobe height and pull it to one side, like Jennifer Lawrence below.

{Jennifer's low bun for shorter hair.}

2.  CONCEALER is key.  Forget taking time for foundation - concealer is where it's at when in a time crunch. It's really concentrated and if you apply it in the correct spots you will erase those late night dark circles. Apply it on the eyelid and under the eyes, on both sides of the nose, and in the center of the chin to immediately brighten the complexion and get rid of any ruddiness that is sticking around.  I will forever swear by Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch bc of it's subtle highlighter properties.  I hope they don't discontinue this stuff anytime soon.  Think poor mans version of the YSL touch ├ęclat.

{Olivia Wilde following the concealer + light eye makeup rule.}

3.  Keep the EYE MAKEUP LIGHT but GO BIG on the MASCARA.   If you've got concealer on the lid you have beaten half the battle of brightening up the eye bed.  Apply 2 coats of black mascara on those upper and lower lashes to frame the eyes.  Dot some light champagne shimmer shadow right in that tear duct area if there's time - Stila shadow pan in "Kitten" works wonders.

{I found this girl on my Pinterest, and her bright lipstick is the jam!}

4.  BRIGHT LIPSTICK doubles as a your blush.  We all know how too many cocktails and not enough sleep can drain color from the face. So go with a bold lip color to distract from the pale and boost your complexion!  Lipstick is best so that you can also dab a little on your fingers and rub it into the cheeks for a bit of color.  A couple happy bold shades I blogged on and rely on HERE and HERE

How do you disguise a late night face?  Any additional tricks up your sleeve?
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May 13, 2014

5 Bridal Makeup Must Haves For Your Big Day : Part Two

My first installment of bridal party makeup must haves got such a great response, I figured why not follow it up with 5 more of my favorites?!  I carry 3 trunks of products with me to every wedding, so it isn't hard to narrow it down to a total of 10 must haves...

A sliver of the makeup products I carry with me on a job. 

Here are my 5 additional product must haves before wedding bells start ringing...
#1.  NYX Stay Matte But Not Flat Powder Foundation, $5.  I use these powders to set the liquid foundation on my brides.  I apply them right in the center of the face where no one wants to be shiny.  I use them dry with a small fluffy brush to apply under the eyes or I use triangle sponges (see #5) for larger areas of the face.  They can also be used wet!  

#2.  MAC Paint Pots, $20.  These are used on everyone! They are the first thing I apply to a clean dry eyelid.  They help to seal in the shadows and even out eyelid skin tone before applying shadow because they each have a slightly colored base to them.

These 4 beauties have 1 thing in common, I used ALL 5 of these products on each one of them!
(Can we talk about how CUTE their matching robes are the bride gave them all as gifts?!) 

#3.  Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Eyeliners, $24.  These pencils glide on like butt-ah.  And have tremendous amounts of staying power.  Tears of joy from a bride, mother of the bride (and groom!), or bridesmaids are no match for these pencils.  They come in a huge variety of colors and I am in love with every single brown they offer.  Bourbon and Corrupt being two of my faves.

#4.  Sonia Kashuk Arch Alert Brow Kit, $10.  These colored brow waxes are a savior bc this small palette has a blonde, two shades of brown, and an auburn shade.  It keeps wacky runaway hairs in place while adding realistic color in spotty brows.  It also doesn't create harsh noticeable lines like pencils can do if not used correctly.  I use a slanted synthetic bristled eye brow brush to apply this product with.

My bride Kristen here is also wearing #1, 2, and 5 from my Part 1 post.

#5.  Triangle sponges, $6  You might think this not newsworthy, but hang on to your garter belt.  I use these on EVERY face, especially when using them as guides for eye makeup and also to rub in everyone's foundation and for applying pressed powder (hygiene reasons too!). They;re small and latex free (bc you'd be surprised how many people are allergic to latex).  I buy these by the bags!!

Thank you again to Kristen's bridal party I recently worked with who allowed me to snap a few photos of them and their finished makeup looks!  These smiling faces and sweet souls are the reason I continue to love my job.

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May 8, 2014

Makeup Makes A Difference At Hope Haven

There are some moments in my job that I get to meet people who change me for the better.  I recently had the opportunity to host a makeup class with a group of ladies who did that for me at Hope Haven of Northeast Georgia.  Here are a few pictures from my time with them.

Jennifer, Libra, Christy, Sandra, Regina, Makeyla, and Marrika were the faces I had the honor of working with.  All of these ladies are part of the Hope Haven organization which is a nonprofit that works to empower individuals with developmental disabilities while supporting them and their families to participate in the community right here in my city of Athens, Ga. I was originally asked to come teach these women the basics of makeup as a group activity for them to enjoy and learn from.  This wasn't about the complicated art of contouring, or how to create a winged eye.  I was there to show them how the simple swipe of the right colored gloss, mascara, and a bit of blush could enhance a persons natural beauty.

Me with a part of our group in their garden behind the building after we had our makeup lesson. 
Check out those smiles!!

I was supposed to be teaching them, but what happened, was they taught me something.  They taught me that despite any physical or mental disability that they had, that it wasn't going to affect them taking joy in what was happening at that moment and they were fearless!!  I saw more smiles in the 1 hour I was there working with each of them, than I sometimes see in an entire day working with a bridal party! When I would ask what color lips do you want to try, most were like "go red!" or "I want shimmery eyes!"  The entire group was so encouraging towards one another it was truly amazing - "You look beautiful," "I love that color on you," and more smiles and hugs than you can imagine once I was finished working with each of them.

It was so refreshing because honestly I didn't know what to expect before I got there and yes, I was nervous.  Would they like me, would they really be interested, would it be hard to get them to understand what I was doing?  But it's one of those times that once you interact with these women, you realize that they are just like you and me, in that they like to feel pretty which transforms into confidence.  It is a universal feeling and they deserve to feel that way.   I have always known that a little bit of makeup can really build up a woman's self confidence in a way that isn't materialistic or vain and this experience with these women really confirmed that.  Not only were these ladies cool to work with, but the volunteers and people on staff that work at Hope Haven are equally as phenomenal.  Thank you to Lindsay for asking me to be a part of this day and I applaud you and the rest of the staff at Hope Haven for empowering and lifting up these individuals.

If you'd like to know more about this organization or donate to their efforts you can follow them here: 

Find out more ABOUT them.

May 7, 2014

Outrageous Lipstick

You can't blame a girl for stepping out of the box when trying lipstick shades that would usually frighten mere mortals.  Here are some recent and not so recent examples of celebrities shunning the safe nudes and pinks...





Personally, I think it's great these women can wear these unconventional shades with such confidence.  Multi colored hair seems to be the norm these days (think Nicole Richie's lavender and Katy Perry blue) so why should our lips be left out of the colorful fun??  

But now these are celebrities of course, and half of them wear these colors for videos, television, concerts, and red carpet appearances.  Would they wear these shades in public going to the grocery store or Target?  My guess is no.  But I could be wrong, especially when it comes to Lady Gaga!  My personal fave off all of these shown would be JLo's yellow.  I can't believe I'm saying that, but geez that woman can wear anything and look amazing!  Joan Small runs a close second with her violet, and well the rest of them look like they caught some sort of virus.  The craziest lip look I have ever tried was HERE.

What is your feeling on wearing outrageous lipstick shades?  Have you ever strayed from the usual red, pink, or nude?

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May 6, 2014

The Real Cat Eye

Sometimes I like to give my mommy self a slightly edgier look when it comes to my makeup.  I usually do this with what is considered the "cat eye" or winged eyeliner.  However,  I'd say 95% of us are doing it wrong if we really want to look like a feline...  

Winging your liner towards the outside of the eye is only going to get you 50% of the way to getting a cat eye. You have to take this winged look one step further to get a TRUE looking cat eye by extending that wing towards the interior tear duct area also.  Case in point - the furry lady above.

Products used for this look:
Lancome Le Crayon Kohl "Black Coffee" (inner waterline and tear duct inside)
NYX Studio Liquid Liner "Extreme Coffee" (upper lash line and tear duct outside)

Highlighting the tear duct area by extending and exaggerating the V shape is what gives you that bold cat eye.  Even though I used very neutral colors for this look (browns) it still creates quite a statement.  Imagine if I had used black or a bright color like purple or blue!!  The Lancome pencil I used is one of my all time favorite brown pencils - have bought it over and over for 5 years now bc it goes on like butter and is sooo dark brown it's almost black.

When my husband saw this look, he admitted that he thought maybe I had "done something wrong" and that I looked "kind of crazy." Oh how I love his honesty.  I had to remind him that I knew exactly what I was doing! Ha!  TIP : If you try this look, you have to add eyelid primer all over the perimeter of the eye and use a very waterproof liner and pencil (I did not on the pencil part, lesson learned) or it's going to end up smudging all over the place real quick and then your cat eye looks like a smokey mess instead of sharp and dramatic!

What do you think of the REAL cat eye?  Cool or creepy?

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