June 30, 2014

Monday Beauty Mantra

"Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer."

I am SO excited to be traveling to a city this week that I've never visited before, Washington D.C.!  And the best thing is, my kids are going with us this trip!  It was relaxing going to Costa Rica recently just as a couple, but Scott and I kept saying while we were there that we really wanted to take our kids on a fun trip once we got back!  As exhausting as it is traveling with little ones, to see their excitement on a plane, bunking up in hotels (their absolutely fave thing), and the overall adventure of seeing a new city is a beautiful thing.  Remember our trip to San Francisco and LA with our 3?  The pictures remind me just how much fun our kids are to travel with!

We definitely will not look as chic as Joan Collins and her monogrammed Louis Vuitton luggage while in the airport however...actually very far from it!  With my three in tow, they'll be backpacks, strollers, and snacks falling out of my carry on and my kids mouths! Probably a little whining about the long security lines or someone will have to go to the bathroom while there is turbulence in the air, but since I know what to expect, it shouldn't be that daunting.  You have to learn to chuckle through those small inconveniences when traveling with children.  And the fact Joan is wearing an all white outfit while flying is a definite no no for this mom - there is a 99% chance of staining whatever I wear because someone will spill something on me!! Guaranteed.  Dark printed clothing is the way to go! 

Of course I've been scouring the Internet, Pinterest, and Washington based blogs to see what we should do in our short amount of time there.  Luckily it sounds like there is no shortage of things to do and see! What better way to learn about the world than to travel it right?!

Have you been to Washington D.C.? 

*Image of Joan and her LV luggage from dailymail.co.uk *

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June 27, 2014

Links Of The Week

I'm wearing Essie "Peach Daquiri."  Gorgeously yummy summertime polish!

I am GLAD it is Friday.  It's been a crazy busy week and my head and fingers need a break.  Does anyone else have issues with their thumb hurting from working with your iPhone and laptop too much?? That's me...pathetic.  Going to the movies or reading my new July magazine issues that just came in the mail sounds like the perfect way to relax this weekend.  I wish my Vivian was old enough to go see the movie Maleficent with me.  But I have a feeling it might be a bit too dark.  Have you seen the movie yet?  Truly I want to go see those cheekbones and makeup in action!  Angelina Jolie looks beautifully terrifying and apparently even scared her own kids in that getup according to eonline.com!
Here are some of my favorite recent links from around the web to keep you entertained this weekend:

1. Ombre nails ARE easier to do than you think!

2.  Here are the makeup products named after Maleficent herself.

3.  And here is an awesome video tutorial that can get you looking EXACTLY like Maleficent.

4.  Apply your cream and powder blush better.

5.  The craziest fancy hats you've ever seen worn at the Royal Ascot.

6.  1 woman photoshopped 25 times to reflect global versions of beauty.

7.  Celeb MUA Troy Surratt says Rohto eye drops (to whiten eyes) + YSL touch ├ęclat (to hide underye circles!) are the best products to awaken tired eyes. (via InStyle magazine July 2014)

8.  Such a cute and easy hostess gift that doesn't require you to know what type of wine they like.

9.  Single tasking is the new multitasking.  Must watch video for all of you attached to your computer.

10. Must have lipstick tank for all makeup artists & makeup lovers.

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June 25, 2014

Get Olivia Palermo's Smokey Eyes

I admit to having a tiny girl crush on Olivia Palermo.  The girl can put together an outfit and always finishes off those outfits with the most perfect hair and makeup I've ever seen.  I know she wasn't the nicest on The Hills, but let's look past that and give the girl some major points for her SMOKEY EYES!

Why I love this look :  Olivia paired her soft smokey charcoal grey eye with girly pink lips and cheeks along with a simple pulled back hair do.  Here is how I recreated her look...

Shop The Products:

(All shadows used are from Stila "In The Light" palette.)
1.  Fill in brows with a light pencil and don't make them look too perfect, just enough fullness and brush the hairs upward.  I used a blonde pencil to keep mine from looking too dark and taking over the eye.
2.  From the Stila In The Light Palette, sweep the bone color "Bare" all over lid.
3.  Line the upper lash line with a black pencil, I used Urban Decay "Zero" and flick it up at the end - don't worry about it being perfect, you'll go over it with shadow later to soften the look.
5.  Now line the lower inner waterline with a grey pencil to keep it lighter on the bottom so that most of your focus goes to the upper eye.  I used Urban Decay "Uzi" for this.
6.  Take a shimmer charcoal grey like "Night Sky" and go over the eyelid and black liner from lash to your crease.
7.  I had to add an additional silver eyeshadow right in the center of the lid to make it pop.  (it was from an old Kat Von D palette.)
8.  Super finishing touch on the eyes was to add my fave falsies, Esqido mink lashes in "Little Black Lash" and mascara on upper and lower lashes.  **Exciting JennySue Makeup discount for all of my readers at the bottom of this post with special code!!** 
9.  Finish off the rest of the face with a full coverage foundation.
10. Add a pinky cream blush so it looks like it is melting into your skin and is fresh faced, not powdery.
11.  Add a touch of illumination with Josie Maran Argan Illuminizer along the cheekbones and anywhere else you want a bit of dewiness! 
12.  Your look is completed with a sheer pink gloss like L'Oreal Infallible gloss in "Bloom" and a pulled back hair do to show off your pretty face!


Esqido is offering YOU right now, 10% off using the code BEAUTIFUL 
for any of their mink lashes purchased from their site Esqido.com!!  

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June 23, 2014

Exfoliation Without Irritation : POWDERWorks Product Review

Exfoliating my face is one of those beauty processes that I really get into when it's shower time.  I love to feel smooth and soft skin!! Luckily, my skin is pretty tough, doesn't have many issues, and is very resilient.  It can "take a lickin' and keep on tickin'" if you know what I mean.  So exfoliation products get a lot of use in my house.

I was excited to try out this POWDERWorks product, first of all, because it is created right here in the good ole US of A in Atlanta, GA area near me!  But the real reason we are here is to talk about what makes it unique and how it performs.  I even posted pics of me with no makeup on to show you the after results...ok, ok, so I have on a tinted lip balm and did my eyebrows before these were taken - but my skin IS bare!!

  1. First off, it starts as a powder form (shocker -ha!) when you first shake it out of the cute aluminum can thingy.  When you add water to it, it becomes a paste.
  2. Is is completely acid free - which is different because most exfoliants are NOT, which makes this one ideal for those with much more sensitive skin than myself and every skin type can use it.
  3. If you want a simple face product that only contains 5 ingredients, here ya go.  I checked the label of my other exfoliator product (yes, all acid based!) and they each had at least 30 ingredients listed.
  4. Smell is one of the first things I notice when using any face product, and this one doesn't really have one. If I had one issue with it, it would be this.  I actually really love for my face products to have a pleasant fragrant almost flowery or fresh scent.  This one is slightly chalky in smell but overall, fragrance free. This is a very personal detail though.
  5. Feel wise, it's not abrasive at all - no scrappy shell pieces here. Which makes you wonder if it's really working, but once it's washed off, you can tell it did. But in the softest and most gentle way.  
  6. Pricing - it's $39 for a 60ml/2oz can, with free shipping when bought on their site.  For me who can handle the harsher acids from the drugstore products, that's a lot pricier than I am used to.  But if you've got super sensitive skin, this is probably a great deal for getting polished healthy looking skin without the irritating acids. I've just been using this for about a week so it's hard to say how long this can will last me, but I know if I wanted to use it everyday, I could because it's so gentle. I bet it would probably last me around a month or two as a good guess. 
Their motto of Shake Up Your Skincare is right on point with this super simple exfoliant.  I've never used a dry exfoliator until now. You can click on their website here and see a great video showing exactly what it's all about.  Become a fan on Facebook and Twitter too.  Big thanks to Leslie for sending me over this new and inventive product!!

(FYI - All of these photos were taken with my iPhone because I lost the  SD card to my real camera before taking these - ugh!!! Luckily after posting this though, I of course found it!)

*This product was sent to me for consideration only by POWDERWorks. All opinions expressed are honest and my own.* 

June 20, 2014

Patriotic Beauty : Navy + Red

There is something about the color combination of the classics like NAVY + RED that feels a little bit patriotic and sophisticated all at the same time. Possible July 4th makeup inspiration, no?!!


Eyes - Too Faced Matte Eye Collection (used the browns for my crease and navy shadow on top of blue eyeliner to soften)  | Palladio Herbal liquid eye liner "Charcoal Blue"

Cheeks - butter London Cheeky Cream blush "Honey Pie" | Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick "Pink Quartz (to highlight top of cheekbones and bridge of nose)

90% of the time, I usually get my makeup ideas from the clothing I wear.  This day I was wearing my paisley Banana Republic shorts that were a sharp combo of blues, navy, oranges, and reds (photo of the print above).  

Since navy lips and red eyes probably wouldn't look so hot, I used these classic shades in a classic way - NAVY winged eyes, ORANGE cheeks, and RED lips!  This red lipstick by Revlon is actually fairly sheer and is a good option for those scared of deep red lips.  And navy liner is a great way to shake up your makeup look from the boring browns and blacks, and navy looks good on EVERY eye color!!  I don't typically speak a lot on hair because, well, hair styles and products baffle me, but my mom gave me this keratin product for my hair, and I LOVE it!! I spray it on before I blow dry and is like an instant shine and split end booster.  These pics made me realize how much it has helped my beat down hair from this summer sun.

I will definitely be recreating this look again come July 4th as we will be in the most perfect place celebrating - Washington, D.C.!! 

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June 18, 2014

Happy Birthday Hubby

Happy Birthday Hubby!

I am lucky to have married the best guy in the world for the past 13 years.  
And I am also lucky that I get to help him celebrate another birthday today, this 18th day of June.  
I have never known a better looking, kinder hearted, wiser, 
and overall wonderful 38 year old man in my life.  
I am honored to call you husband, my baby daddy (yes I went there!), and my best friend.  
You get better with every birthday, no kidding.  

Keep up the good work Scott.  I love you bunches.

(This photo is at the airport before we left on our amazing trip to Costa Rica together last week.  
I hope we are lucky enough to travel away together every year!)

June 17, 2014

Hot Summer Polish : Essie "Bikini So Teeny"

It's no secret I own almost as many nail polishes as I do lip glosses.  I'm obsessed with changing my nail color at least twice a week.  My hands get used a lot as a makeup artist and a mom, so I always want them to look fun and colorful while I'm holding my children's hand or a makeup brush.

I felt compelled to share with everyone the latest addition to my collection because it is just 
SO stinkin' cute!!  
Essie's "Bikini So Teeny," $8.50, has gotten a lot of love around the blogosphere and Instagram so of course I gave into the hype and picked up a bottle. It's just as beautiful in person.  I get compliments on this color everywhere I go now- even the lady behind the grocery store register was "ooing and ahhing" all over it yesterday!  It's the perfect lavender based periwinkle I have ever come across. Not too blue, not too purple, just right.  And even though it is pastel in color, it feels very summery fresh and crisp.  Just like my latest hydrangea bloom below!!

I also have found the perfect base + top coat combination that makes all of my mani's last longer with minimal chipping :

1. Prep your nail bed with Formula X Base Coat, $10.50,
2. then apply 2 thin coats of the Bikini So Teeny,
3. finish off with one coat of Essie's "Good To Go" topcoat, $10, which rapidly dries your polish and gives it a beautiful shiny finish! (I happened upon this at the same time as my Essie at Ulta Beauty and got this gem of a product for FREE for 2 Essie shade purchases! Score!! Love it.  It dries super fast! I would definitely purchase another one.)

Of course I tried to find a knockoff cheaper version somewhere, but couldn't because it's SO UNIQUE!!  This gets top honors as my hot summer polish...for now...

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June 16, 2014

I'm Back

I have been a very, verrrry bad blogger.  I know I've been MIA for almost a week but I had a very good reason to be.  Vacation in Costa Rica with my husband.  It was INCREDIBLE and I decided it was my chance to take a much needed break from computers and relax.

I have read that to go as long as I did without posting is a horrible thing for bloggers and you'll lose your readership, but I figured my loyal followers would understand.  Everyone deserves a break, and I took advantage.  I posted some pics on my Instagram account every now and then because I was so fascinated by the scenery I was surrounded by but that was about it.  WiFi isn't the easiest to come by in Costa Rica so I figured that was my sign to just enjoy the people around me and my hubby.  We were there with 6 other couples and did a lot of talking, laughing, and enjoying the sunshine (and the occasional rain bursts which don't slow this area down bc well, it's surrounded by rainforest and the locals are used to it!).

All of us couples have children but none were with us. So of course it got hard towards the end of the trip because we all just wanted to hug on them but we talked and exchanged parenting stories which eased the pain a little.  I also attempted two activities I never thought in a million years I would do - Zip lining and Surfing.  That is me above - I still can't believe I conquered it plus my fear of heights on the zip line.  Both of these things made me realize how fun living life to the fullest is, and it felt awesome.

But now that I've had my break and reunited with my kids,  I'm totally refreshed and re energized to conquer real life!   The only hard part of reality is not wearing a bathing suit all day and being able to drinking pina coladas with lunch...hahaha!!

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June 11, 2014

Flip Flops And False Lashes

I love clothes, shoes, and beauty products.  I also love going on vacation.  One thing I don't love, packing.  I'm horrible at it, second and third guess myself, and I'm a confessed over-packer.  My husband would probably say I'm a bit ridiculous in my packing choices as we are headed to Costa Rica and I'm packing my flip flops along with my Esqido false lashes...

Beach products I'm packing :

L'Oreal nail color in "I Will" (old)
Forever21 flip flops |  Gap Factory swimsuit (not found online)

You never know when you might want to glam it up on the beach so gotta be prepared with all of these products, right?!  I was so glad to finally find a tinted lip color with SPF included by Softlips, but couldn't believe how hard it was to track this type of product down. We are always so worried about  protecting our faces with moisturizers and foundations that include SPF, that I'm not sure why our lips get left out!  I am one who still wants color on my lips while lounging poolside so a regular lip balm just won't do.  Loving my Essie bright nail colors and after seeing "Bikini So Teeny" on practically every blog and Instagram account I follow, I had to have it.  And of course since my toes will always be out in the open, had to get my nice cheapy Forever21 flip flops to display them in - they have some of the cutest available! Top it all off with your fancy falsies and you're beach ready!  

If you want to see my ultimate summer makeup look, check me out over on Pretty In My Pocket here!

What are your beach must haves?

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June 9, 2014

Monday Beauty Mantra

"Now matter how SERIOUS life gets, you gotta have that one person you can be completely SILLY with."

My boys sadly have to make trips to buy makeup and beauty stuff with me ALL of the time.  Luckily, they usually know how to make the best of these outings to Sally Beauty, Sephora, or the Target makeup aisles.  On a recent trip to Ulta, I happened to lose sight of Walker and his older brother (don't judge, they're really quick to disappear) until I found him being very serious about trying all of the different fake hair buns on the top of his head!! And him being serious about this was what made catching him in the act all the more funny!  

I know I can always count on Walker to crack me up even when he has no idea he's doing it. He's my "wild child" I guess you could say and even though he's a handful at times, he is not afraid to be silly which really helps in those moments when you need a good laugh or even when you didn't realize you needed one.  He can be inappropriate at times, but in the most hilarious of 6 year old ways where you know you shouldn't laugh, but you can't help yourself.  I hope he never loses his zest for life and trying to make his family and friends smile any chance he can get. 

Of course he thought it was comical once I caught him and suggested I take his picture with his favorite hair piece...ok, twist my leg funny guy. 

Do you have that person in your life you can count on to be silly with?
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June 6, 2014

Super DUPE-R! Too Faced Shadow Insurance VS Milani Eyeshadow Primer

Who doesn't love a good splurge versus save post?? Especially when it comes to makeup products that you wouldn't love to spend a whole bunch of money on if you didn't have to.  Eyelid primers are one of those categories in my opinion.

Time lapse showing the wear of my eyeshadow look using Milani eyeshadow primer.

Product color comparison:
Top stripe is Too Faced Shadow Insurance, $20, bottom stripe is Milani Eyeshadow Primer. $6.

Eye lid primer is one of my must have everyday products.  It's not a glamorous product like a fancy YSL lipstick or pressed Tom Ford finishing powder, but it is very useful.

And since I wear one every.single.day,  I have been longing for a cheaper version of my Too Faced Shadow Insurance I've been using bc it starts to get pricey buying it over and over again.  And I will not give up my lid primer bc once you start wearing one, you realize how beneficial they are in keeping on your shadow to stay put and just making it work harder!   I went on the hunt for a drugstore version and found a good review on the Milani primer while using my bar code scanner option through my Pretty In My Pocket app (if you haven't downloaded it for free, you should now for beauty product comparisons, rates, and reviews at your fingertips!).  I decided at 6 bucks, what did I have to lose from the 20 bucks I had been paying for the TF?? 

Thank goodness, it performed and reminded me of a cheaper twin of my Too Faced!  There is a bit more product in the TF at .35oz compared to the Milani at .30oz, but not enough to make up for the huge price difference! Both go on silky smooth and rub into a colorless application.  The Milani feels a tiny bit thicker which is ok by me because in my head, I think that it's going to have better staying power!  As the pics above show, my eyeshadow look 

OVERALL, the Milani is going to be my new go-to dupe.  I will now be able to spend that money I will be saving on lid primer to go towards buying a Marc Jacobs Lip Vinyl gloss...I've been dying to try one!

Do you think an eyelid primer is necessary?  Which one is your favorite? 
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June 4, 2014

Accentuate Your Eyes With These Must Have Makeup Tricks

Eyes are the windows to the soul.  So we should make those windows easy to see and exaggerate them as much as possible, right?!

1.  Add a CORAL SHADOW to your normal eyeshadow routine.  I like to play up my crease area with a deep taupe and then add a bright coral colored shadow just right above the crease where you can feel your eye socket bone to really accentuate this area and make the eye pop.  This is a trick I learned from a drag queen class I took...not kidding. This coral shade is key to add some brightness and dimension.

2.   I decided to put these next 4 steps into one picture. (A) Line your inner waterline with a WHITE PENCIL. This helps to whiten the whites of the eyes and instantly add 2 hours of sleep to your eyes. (B)  LINE it and FLICK it!  I don't care if you line it with navy, purple, brown, or black, liquid or pencil,  JUST LINE IT!  This helps to thicken the look of that lash line, which in turn makes your eyes look more awake and aware.  Don't forget to flick it up at the edge of the eye for that instant eye lift without the surgery.  By only lining the top it creates a more open eye than adding color on the top and bottom lashes which actually recedes the eye and makes it appear smaller.  (C)  Don't leave out the BOTTOM LASHES!  I know this sounds contradictory to the previous step, but that mascara helps to frame the entire eye and adds minimal color without having to figure out the right amount of eyeliner.  Even touching those bottom fringes a little makes a world of difference.  If you have trouble with smudges thru the day, use a waterproof formula and add some translucent powder under the eyes. (D) SHIMMER that TEAR DUCT.   Want your eyes to twinkle?  Always add a champagne or nude colored fine shimmer shadow.  Trace that sideways V shape around the upper and lower tear duct for just enough shimmer, to make people wonder what you're up to!

(I included my cheek and lip colors too)

These tips get used frequently on my eyes and once you get in the routine of them, you don't want to leave the house without them.  None are really out of the ordinary but when used together make a BIG impact!

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June 2, 2014

Monday Beauty Mantra

"When you look at a field of DANDELIONS, 
you can either see a field full of WEEDS, or a field full of WISHES."

How GREAT is this quote??!!  We can look at everyday obstacles/troubles and have a negative attitude about them and let them fester inside of us OR we can turn them into something positive and at the very least, learn something from them.  Such a simple idea, but the comparison of weeds to wishes is awesome.  Here are 2 recent obstacles that I turned into positives...

1.  I was approached to to do 2 weddings in one day - that's fantastic for a small business like myself.  The obstacle was that one was not in the same city as mine.  That same wedding also had an additional obstacle of a 3:30am start time - no kidding. That means I left my house at 2:15am while some people were just getting in from a night out!  The positive of that early start time, was that they were both at totally different time frames due to their ceremonies.  The 2nd wedding was in town, however was a very large party that needed to be done in a time frame I physically would not be able to do alone.  Obstacle! Did I want to give up this party bc of that?  No way!! So I searched around for an assistant to help me complete the 2nd wedding.  And by the grace of God, found the perfect person who helped that hectic day flow seamlessly and I was completely confident in how she represented my company.  Thank you Wendy, you are a makeup angel!!! 

2.  The picture above was taken early one morning when I decided to get all 3 of my kids off the couch (I know that's the beauty of summer break, but the laziness was driving me crazy!) and take them for a walk. Vivian got lucky and had me pull her in the wagon because the boys were riding scooters and she couldn't keep up:)  We were doing this because I am having a bit of an issue with the gym I currently am a member of and was doing my own little "protest" if you will, of not walking through their doors because they recently started charging me additional money for the fact I have over 2 kids.  Not a huge deal, but it wasn't what I signed up for when they basically begged me to renew this year.  I renewed because child care was FREE at the time, then after I paid in full for the entire year (of course), now they're changing the rules of the game on me.  It troubles me to feel I've been had, so taking my kids outside for our own "free" exercise made me feel better about my situation.  The gym still has my money, so I'm sure they could care less that I haven't walked thru their doors with my kids again.  But including my kids in my exercise routine was a good feeling, rather than putting them in that gym childcare where the person that should be watching them is actually glued to their iPhone the whole time.  

I know these aren't world problems I've been dealing with and I am thankful these are about the most difficult issues I am currently having.  

Vivian calls dandelions "flowers" and I will never let her think otherwise.  

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