August 29, 2014

Show Stopping Silver Shadow

I get into a seasonal rut with my makeup looks every now and then just like everyone else.  Lately with it being so blazing hot, I've been into bright lipsticks (fuchsias and oranges) and bold eyeliner (think emerald greens and electric blue!).  So I decided to bunk my hot summer weather looks and go for something polar (get it, cold) opposite...Icy hot SILVER eyeshadow!! 



For the EYES, I showed the step by step of what to put where above to try and make it a bit easier to follow.  I know I know I should do some videos, but those take FOREVER to edit, so I'm sticking with my still photos for now! Promise to bring some video life to the blog soon when I get more time on my hands (will that seriously every happen??).

I like to mix my shimmery silvers with a matte grey in the crease (Bobbi Brown "Slate") to balance out all of the shiny! I actually used an old Kat Von D palette for my silvers (discontinued) but Too Faced makes this awesome Smokey palette with a plethora of silvers as shown above.  
The key to this watercolor effect is to put your lightest and brightest silver in the center of the lid, in the tear duct area, and along the lower lashes.  Then add your darkest silver/charcoal on the outside of the lid and between the tear duct and center lid silver. 
Add your favorite black liquid liner and wing it out just on top.  A white pencil was added in the waterline to make everything as bright as possible! Finish off with loads of super black mascara on top and bottom.

I completed my look with a warm rosy pink creme blush and lip gloss.  Have you tried these Maybelline Elixirs yet?? Gosh I'm a huge fan, especially the Captivating Carnation used here. The eyes are where it's at so that's why I kept the rest of the face so low key.  And anyone can wear silver, seriously.

So what do you think of this show stopping silver look?? I couldn't keep the entire look so wintery though, so I kept it slightly hot with my red-orange mani:)

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August 27, 2014

4 Keys To Haircut Heaven

Ok, maybe Heaven is taking things a bit far.  But every time I finally schedule my hair cut (I was about 2 months too late with this one), and it happens, I realize how necessary a great cut is to achieving my own personal hair nirvana...
^^ Two pics is better than one of my AFTER!! ^^

^^ Car selfie BEFORE a couple of inches were chopped off! ^^

^^ Proud AFTER hair selfie! ^^

^^ I rarely see the back of my own hair, but lots of other people do so don't forget to pay 
some special attention to it!! ^^

In my line of work as a makeup artist, I of course think that concealer, mascara, and gloss are the magic wands to looking better.  But I also know that when you really break down your complete look, if you've got a bad hair cut or hey, no cut at all, (has it been a year since you snipped your ends??) that gloss can only distract so much.  Makeup and hair are a package deal.  

Couldn't resist sharing this funny quote I found on Pinterest because I'm sure it sums me up whenever I walk into my salon..."I want a change, but don't cut any length off"...hahahaha!

Here are some key things I've learned on how to be happy with your hair cut every time :

Find a stylist that isn't a "Yes Ma'am."  I will say that a good hairstylist will tell you truthfully when something isn't going to work for you and then steer you in another direction.  I always long for a severe middle part, but I also have an amazing cowlick that begs to stay on a side part - so my stylist made sure to cut/style my hair so as not to fight it.  And now I appreciate that side part because I'm not struggling with my hair style in the morning to do something it doesn't want to.  I also occasionally bring up the idea of wanting my brown hair dyed to white blonde Gwen Stefani-like and she's also like, "no, not a great idea, you'll regret it for life when that peroxide permanently ruins your hair."  She could of course say YES let's do it, take my money for the multiple expensive processes it would take to achieve Gwen's look, but she doesn't. I genuinely appreciate this.  I will always wonder what it would look like though...guess that is what wigs are for;)

Bring an inspiration photo, or two, or three.  This is something I love that I ask my own clients to do, especially when it comes to bridal makeup.  My interpretation of a look, and someone else's description of a look, could be totally different.  But pictures, speak a thousand words and give a visual for both parties that are easy to understand.  Bring multiple photos because then it's possible to blend different parts of what you like together to create one unique look.

Pay attention to the blow out when it's happening.  My stylist uses at least 5 round brushes when drying my long hair, so no wonder it always looks much better than when I use my sad 1 round brush!!  Even though realistically I'll never use multiple round brushes in one sitting, it is important to notice placement of each of those and which way they are turned while blow drying to get a similar end result.

Products matter.  I own 1 can of dry shampoo and 2 cans of hairspray - one of those hairsprays is usually clogged and doesn't work and I maybe use hair spray once a week.  But again, while watching my stylist closely during the blowout, she uses LOTS of dry shampoo & hairspray. Who knew?? I thought dry shampoo was just for 2 day old greasy hair!  This gives you immediate and lasting volume...minus the old school teasing.

*Big thanks to my fantastic, wonderful, and talented stylist Lyric of Republic Salon in Athens, GA for ALWAYS giving me a great blend of what I want and need.  You can follow them on Facebook here to see some great example of their work.*

August 25, 2014

What It Takes To Get That "Natural" Look

I am a big fan of creating beauty looks that get your FACE noticed, NOT your makeup.  However I always get a little giggle inside when a client tells me they want me to make them better but want to look "natural."  Cue me shocking them by pulling out multiple products in order to achieve that so called simply natural look...

^^ My version of NATURAL! ^^

Shop all it takes to get my natural look :

Of course everyone has a different version of natural.  My love of makeup makes my natural version probably a bit more extreme than a woman who thinks tinted moisturizer and lip balm is going crazy!!  But here are some of my best basic tips for looking naturally great!

My #1 way to pull off that natural look is to get the SKIN right. This is where it's the most crucial to pull off natural, because NO ONE likes a base face.  You know what I'm talking about - base face is a complete giveaway you're wearing makeup.  That's why the PRIMER is necessary because it allows you to get a flawless skin base that is foolproof to apply and colorless.  That way, you can use very little of your foundation and concealer because your skin already looks pretty good without the colored products.

After your primer, go onto your FOUNDATION, then spot treat any super dark areas (like under eyes and sides of nose) with your CONCEALER.  Apply in sheer layers and give it a few minutes to sink in so you can see how little you actually need.

 ^^ Tessa stud earrings c/o Kendra Scott. My new favorite go with everything earrings! ^^

Even though you might think my BRIGHT BLUSH wouldn't be considered natural, you need a little  to bring your complexion to life.  Skin just doesn't look as pretty without some color on the cheeks, point blank.

The EYES are the windows to the soul (remember this funny post) and must be played up as well.  I typically use at least 2-3 products to get my BROWS perfect, but for my natural look, I downplayed them a bit by using one dark blonde pencil (as opposed to my usual brunette pencils and waxes) to fill in and that was it.

I winged up my liquid liner for more definition (but used a brown color as opposed to a stark black) and used a soft combo of taupes on my EYE BEDS from the Naked 2 palette.  It just makes sense to get a natural look using a palette with the word "naked" in it right??

Exact colors used were:

  • "foxy" all over the lid, 
  • "bootycall" from lash line to crease (tee hee hee, that color gets me every time), 
  • combo of "tease" and "YDK" just in the crease, 
  • then "snakebite" along the lower lash line.
  • (One product I forgot to include was the espresso brown eyeliner I used inside the lower inner waterline.)

High Shine Liquid Lipstick c/o Mally Beauty in "Pearly Girl."

Lastly, the LIPS went super glossy and sheer and was the easiest feature to pull off for a natural look.  Red or fuchsia lips never = natural.  So I used this Mally Beauty liquid lipstick I was recently sent  that has minimal color but lots of iridescent champagne pigments that bounced off my natural lip color to enhance it.

So there you have it, 12 makeup products to naturally look your best!!  Hahaha!!  Do you have any best kept secrets to looking natural while wearing makeup?

*The liquid lipstick and earrings were sent to me for consideration only by Mally Beauty and Kendra Scott.  All opinions expressed are honest and my own. **

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August 21, 2014

Mommy Daughter Fun At American Girl Doll Boutique & Bistro

Even though I have three kids and we do a lot of stuff together as a family, I do love being able to spend some individual time with each one of my little people.  So this past weekend I decided to give my little princess some quality time with mom as we did an early birthday celebration for her at the American Girl Doll Boutique and Bistro.

^^Every girl needs these Cinderella glass slipper heels.^^

 ^^ Not a real ballerina. Cardboard girl^^

^^They even have a booster seat for your doll to enjoy a meal with you!!^^

 ^^They provide a tiny box of questions that can spark conversation with your child! Love it. 
No iPhone games - only used it to take these pics:) And no, she can't read these on her own but she liked to pretend to.^^

 ^^Vivian's answers:^^
1. If you owned a horse, what would you name it?  Vivian : Vivian. of course.
2. What is the best class you've ever taken?  Vivian : nap time.
3. Would you rather take a shower or a bubble bath?  Vivian : pink bubble bath.
4. Who's the smartest person you know?  Vivian : Walker (her youngest brother).
 ^^They don't just serve regular Sprite.  They serve PINK Sprite!!^^

^^Some of the best comfort food you've ever eaten.  
Who knew a doll bistro would satisfy even the adult appetite??^^

^^They hooked the bday girl up with a candle and the yummiest chocolate ice cream sunday with whipped cream, chocolate fudge, and sprinkles!! They even came out and sang to her!!^^

This was our first time experiencing anything American Girl Doll related and I must come clean...Her doll (who's name is Peyton by the way), is actually NOT a REAL AG doll.  Those things are over a 100 bones!! 

So a good friend of mine (thanks Ashley) turned me onto the idea of getting an Our Generation Doll from Target, that closely resembles an AG doll in size and look, but for only around $32. The main difference I can see between the dolls is the hair quality - OG doll is not as silky and easy to brush as the AG ones, but who cares.  I was all in for this idea because honestly, my almost 4 year old doesn't know the difference and is notorious for not treating her dolls with the best care, for example - applying nail polish on their faces as "makeup."  I knew if I got her the real thing, I'd want to put a bubble around the doll and hold it myself so Vivian wouldn't destroy a hundred dollars worth of toy.  And that takes all the fun out of having a doll.   

Luckily, this store treats ALL dolls the same and were totally cool with us bringing in our fake one:)  All of the clothes and accessories available fit these Target dolls so I did splurge and buy Peyton a pajama set (so they can both change at nighttime!), eye glasses, and a wire brush which works better than plastic for their hair.  This store even offers a hair salon for your doll - no joke.  For a price, they'll sit your doll in a salon chair and you can choose her hairstyle. Although, if you bring in a fake, your choices are limited, because, well their hair isn't as easy to style.  But that was okay, I only paid 30 bucks for my doll and didn't want to pay half that to get her hair did;)  Vivian didn't care either - we had fun once we got home creating our own hairstyles. 

Happy early birthday my sweet Vivian.  I love doing girly stuff like this with you...xo, Mom

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August 20, 2014

Product Review :: Sheer Cover Studio Perfect Shade Mineral Foundation

I always say that I won't try or buy a product JUST because of the celebrity it is endorsed by.  But then, never say never.  That's why when I was given the chance to try out multiple products from Modern Mom on the Sheer Cover Studio line that is endorsed by beautiful mom Brooke Burke-Charvet, well, I couldn't turn it down.  If it's good enough for Brooke, it HAS to be good enough for me right??

Have you seen this woman?? She is a machine!! She is 42, has 4 kids, a hot hubby, and the most sick body you've ever seen!  Check out this video for her recent shoot with Shape Magazine where she even mentions these Sheer Cover products towards the end!  She's got all of that plus a beautiful face that never seems overly "done" (unless you count her time on Dancing With The Stars, but that was part of the job:)).

Here are the products I was sent from the line to give me that effortless but flawless looking skin.

^^The Concealer & Brighten Trio in Light/Medium plus a concealer brush.^^

^^ Bare skin and bad hair. Ha!! It gets better:) ^^

I applied the Base Perfector Primer before anything else.  I took a picture of it, but honestly you couldn't see a difference on camera so I didn't include it. However, it feels just like the original Smashbox Photo Perfecting primer once applied. Really smooth and silky and has an ever so slight light powdery scent. 
Then I applied the Concealer (the lighter of the two) under my eyes, sides of nose, under chin, above upper lip, and down center of nose. ^^crazy looking placement above^^

 After rubbing the concealer in, I then brushed the loose Mineral Foundation in "Medium" over my entire face and really focused on top of the concealer placement.  I used the foundation brush included to apply this.  I applied two layers of powder because y'all know I like a lot of coverage!!  ^^This pic above is just after concealer was rubbed in, mineral foundation had not yet been applied^^

Then to top off my mineral foundation, I added the Sun-Kissed Bronzing Minerals around the perimeter of my face and under my cheekbones with their smaller headed slanted bristled blush brush.  This was a trio mosaic of shades that really worked well with my skin tone and had minimal shimmer to it which I prefer when using a bronzer.  It gave a realistic glow and was not orange at all.

^^Excuse the CRAZY bug eye face!! This is after the bronzer. ^^

 The Lengthening Mascara and Lash Extending Fibers was one of my favorite products.  I have tried a similar concept before here with Younique, but this duo produced more realistic lashes that didn't clump up and were not quite as dramatic.  

I added the Brightener (white section of the concealer trio) just in the tear duct area of my eyes and along the top of my lip. I actually really liked this product and found it to give a dewy appearance that really did brighten without being glaring or glittery. 

^^Finished look after adding blush & gloss (and blow drying my hair)!^^

Overall Take Away:

  • Although I've never been a huge fan of mineral makeup because I don't feel it provides the best coverage like a liquid does, I did find this stuff to do a decent job of giving me a very natural look. And it felt like I literally had nothing on my face.
  • Staying power, not so great.  Felt I needed to brush on more powder within hours of first application despite the primer.  Yes, I think these pics look great, but they were taken right after application.  It literally started to fade an hour later.
  • Without the primer, this would not have looked nearly as good, so the primer is a MUST.
  • Love the lashes, definitely gave more volume than mascara alone.
  • My favorite products - the concealer and brightener were pretty awesome.  Very creamy, lightweight, and blended in beautifully and provided great coverage. 
  • I consider my skin to be light to medium in tone - so I was shocked the medium shade of mineral powder worked for me.  But I definitely could not have gone lighter or I would have looked like a ghost! 
  • This won't be what I would wear for a big event or going on a date with my hubby, but it will be something I would wear if I was in a time crunch or to go to the gym (yes, I wear a little bit when I workout, don't judge).

If you like the looks of these products, Sheer Cover & Modern Mom are hosting a GIVEAWAY for 10 lucky ladies to win all of these products reviewed here.  Just go to THIS LINK to enter to win!

Are you a mineral makeup fan or have you tried Sheer Cover yet?

*These products were sent to me by Modern Mom for consideration only.  All opinions and thoughts expressed are honest and my own. *

August 18, 2014

Monday Beauty Mantra

" EYES, as they say, are the boobs of the face.  
And LASHES are their push-up bras."
(From the article "Thick Lashes" in the August 2014 issue of Allure magazine)

I laughed out loud when I read this quote while at the same time completely agreeing with it!!   Nothing is more feminine on a face than a good set of look-at-me-lashes.  A coat, or two or three of mascara, brings a face to life while lifting the eyes! I wouldn't walk out of my house without a bra on...same goes for mascara;)  

One of my most frequently asked questions by friends and clients is, "what is your favorite mascara?"  Probably because this is one of the most widely used makeup products by women who are minimalists to maximum makeup wearers.  It makes a big impact with little to no makeup skills required!  

So here are some of my current favorite drugstore + department store mascaras if you feel like it's time to try a new formula for your fringes.  Plus the best (cheap!) mascara remover without all the tugging.

What mascara is the bra for your eyelashes??

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