Achieve Spa-Like Skin At Home With RevelationsRX

Facials and spa treatments are few and far between in my mommy of 3 world. It’s a huge luxury that very rarely happens.  It’s a time and money thing.  But despite these obstacles, I still of course am all about taking care of my skin and wanting it to appear as if I’ve gotten the most expensive facial EVER.  Thanks to the RevelationsRX skin masks, eye masks, and targeted eye roller serums, I am able to get those spa-like results in the comfort of my own home!

 I received two different systems from the line – one was the Firming & Anti-Aging kit (face masks) and the other targeted Crow’s Feet & Fine Lines (eye masks). Both issues near and dear to my almost 37 year old heart.  These systems were created through wound healing science, so basically they’re made to slow down whatever skin problems are ailing you!

Each one of these RevelationsRX skincare systems  included 4 individually packed masks and a serum infused roller treatment.  I’m going to go ahead and call the roller balls a life saver, because they are the coolest (literally cold) and most soothing treatment that I now keep on my bedside table and apply at nighttime and first thing when I wake up.  Do you experience those puffy eyes that scare you to death as you glimpse at your early morning self in the mirror? I know I do a double take every morning I catch a glimpse of my bare makeup self and think, “ouch, those are some scary under eye bags!!”  Now these RevelationsRX roller balls help to minimize that puffiness immediately after my foot hits the ground and I have rolled it around a million times over my eye beds.

Here is a glimpse at how each mask looks once applied and then my “AFTER” skin photos (Disclaimer – some photos may be frightening for young children as I’m sharing my makeup free face – HA!).You aren’t going to believe how glow-y my skin looks after using these skincare treatments .  I switched off applying the eye masks one night, then the face masks the next. This is after using each type of masks over the course of four days.

I wasn’t sure if the end results would be obvious in these photos, but I think they sure are.  Sadly you can’t feel how baby soft and hydrated my skin feels through this blog post though!!

I have used many skin masks in my lifetime – I love them.  They give me a chance to sit down and relax for 45 minutes on the couch while they soak in and work their magic!  
Here is what makes these RevelationsRX skincare systems so unique :

* Patented cell penetrating technology that gets way deeper into the lower layers of the skin to actually target concerns and rejuvenate skin.
* The biocellulose masks are derived from coconut fibers, and we all know how naturally magical coconut is!
* A whole bottle of serum is delivered in one mask in the 45 minutes you wear it.
* The serum infused roller balls are even portable – pop it in your purse! They are so calming and cooling and there is no mess. You can use them everyday!
* The masks increase your levels of collagen and elastin which help with firming and toning your skin – in turn making it appear more youthful and fewer fine lines.
*  Powerful skin ingredients like hyaluronic acid, Vitamins A, C, & E help pack a mighty anti-aging punch.
* For a pack of 4 masks + the roller infused serum is $75. Which divided by 4 it’s around $18 bucks a mini facial – pretty much a steal if you think about what it costs to go get a targeted skin treatment at a spa!

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Also see what other innovative skin care products they have that would meet your needs.  So what are your biggest concerns?  Mine are definitely anti-aging and firming, all day long!

Many thanks to RevelationsRX for sponsoring today’s story and for helping this mama’s skin look and feel better right at home.