Athletic Shoes For Moms & Kids That Get You Noticed

 “Cinderella is proof that SHOES can be life changing.”
“Give a girl the right SHOES and she’ll conquer the world.” Marilyn Monroe  
Now granted Cinderella and Marilyn are probably talking about high heels and glass slippers, but I’m talking athletic shoes today.  This Christmas the kids and I received new tennis shoes from family members and Santa.  I do believe that there is something about new shoes of any kind that gives us all a pep in our step, especially ones that are brightly colored and really rad!  I’m one of those people that stays away from boring shoes – I do like for my feet to get noticed.  Funny thing is my boys could care less about clothes, but are they SO into their tennis shoes and high tops.  The Kevin Durant teal + black shoes they picked out definitely make their boring school uniform colors (navy & white) look a bit more fun.  Vivian of course is into anything clothing wise, and is especially fond of pink shoes of any kind.

Here’s a look at our new Kevin Durant Basketball Nikes (for the boys), Cabana Pumas (Viv’s), and New Balance (mine) kicks…

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I just walked through the gym doors for the first time since my kids got out for the Christmas holidays – 3 weeks ago – man was it hard. My brand new New Balance GLOW IN THE DARK shoes (yes, they freaking glow!!) are seriously one of the only things that inspired me to push back from my computer and get moving.  The pics of these shoes online don’t do them justice on how BRIGHT they are!  The orange is more salmon colored and the part that looks black is actually dark grey.  They are super lightweight, almost feather like.  No clunky heavy athletic shoes here.  If I hadn’t gotten these new sneakers, I might have found an excuse to just stay at home, seriously.

And I must give some love to these Nike capri sweatpants, $40 (they come in multiple colors) in my photos.  They are my new favorites to wear to the gym (wasn’t feeling my tight spandex pants just yet), run errands, and bum around the house in.  I like the pockets on them and that they’re slightly fitted so you don’t look completely dumpy wearing sweatpants!  Ha!!

I got two compliments right off the bat when walking through the gym doors – “WOW those are cool shoes!” and “nice tennis shoes, those are mad bright!” Sneakers got noticed…mission accomplished. 

Are you into funky bright athletic shoes?