Every Bride Deserves To Have Magazine Worthy Makeup

The reason I do what I do as a makeup artist is because of two simple things : (1) I truly enjoy painting faces and creating different looks on unique canvases and then (2) Seeing the big smiles that develop on that face once I’m done.

And when I work with brides, on one of the happiest days of their lives, I want them to feel like they are a movie star walking the red carpet.  Because walking down the aisle is the coolest red carpet and they deserve to feel like a celebrity!  I recently received the sweetest hand written note on a personalized thank you card that had the bride and groom’s pic on it from their wedding that I worked with (cute idea right??).  Leah and Roger’s wedding was also featured in the latest Southern Bride Magazine which had to be SO exciting for them!  I was equally excited to see a few of the faces I had the pleasure of working with in that bridal party on those pages as well!

^^ Leah’s TRIAL RUN we did a couple of months before her big day.  Trial runs are highly suggested to make sure you and your makeup artist are on the same page before wedding day. The last thing you need to be surprised about is what your face is going to look like!!  You can see how the classic look Leah was wanting translated to the day of and went perfectly with the rest of her bridal look. ^^

{ Photography by TwoHalvesTwoHold.com } 
{ Hair by my favorite local Athens salon, Republic Salon.}
Leah was such a delight to work with and it is moments like this handwritten thank you note that make what I do so worthwhile and remind me that my job IS significant on wedding day.  I remind brides all the time, that the main focus is not on your flowers or your shoes (half the time can anyone even see your shoes under your dress??) but all of the focus is on your smiling face. Think about the moment you walk up to your groom for the first time, his eyes are locked in on your eyes and that pretty face of yours.  I guarantee he couldn’t tell you what your shoes looked like or what the table arrangements were.  Your makeup is also a lasting image in pictures for years down the road, and you want it done right.  I still shudder at the brown based lipstick I wore in my wedding photos almost 14 years ago and would never put a bride in that shade!! Hahah!! We learn from our mistakes though right:) 
I have to share this quote by a blogger/stylist friend of mine, Lauren of EditbyLauren.com (remember her great how to layer post here) said about what we do in the world of fashion, makeup, and hair, that some might deem “shallow”…

“It’s moments like this that remind me that we all have a ministry and purpose in our jobs, no matter what they are. In the world of fashion that is often deemed “shallow,” this is the kind of thing that makes everything I do worth it.  There is no career field or job or role that is insignificant…God can use us wherever we are. I hope you will be encouraged, like me, to embrace your passion because you never know how it will impact another’s life.”

Thanks again to my bride Leah, her sister/matron of honor Lindsay, and Southern Bride Magazine for allowing me to share these gorgeous photos from her magical magazine worthy day!! 

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Did you hire a makeup artist for your wedding day or were you a do it yourself gal?