3 Best Eyebrow Pencils For Every Budget

best eye brow pencils

Y’all know I am a super freak when it comes to my brows. They are the FIRST thing I work on when I start my makeup.  I won’t leave the house without filling them in due to a disastrous overzealous  plucking issue back in high school and even early college.  Now I’m paying the price of having to fill them in every.single.day to get them back to full. *sigh*

But the good news is, there are plenty of great brow products out there for every budget.  Today I am talking about BROW PENCILS and how just using this one type of product on your skimpy thin brows can make a BIG impact on your face.

Here’s a look at what I look like with zero brows filled in…

And then what they look like once I have completed a fill in with just a pencil by MAC Eye Brows in “Brunette.”

how to fill in eye brows
 SEE, even a simple few strokes of a pencil makes a BIG difference and opens up the entire eyed bed!

Now I have been known to use multiple products on my brows in one look – from pencils, then filling in with a colored wax, then adding a clear mascara to set.  Yeh, I know that’s just one too many steps and too many products for most normal people!  So I am breaking down my current 3 FAVORITE EYEBROW PENCILS that can give you a nice filled in look without the multiple steps.  And they happen to start at the low end of $6 to the highest at $21.  

best brow pencils for every budget
 1. CHEAPEST : Maybelline Define A Brow (light brown), $6.  What I like – the tiny head on this pencil that helps to create small hair like strokes and it’s got a slight waxy formula to it which helps brow hairs to stay in place.  This is for the girl that doesn’t need a whole lot of help with her brows and just wants a slight fill in. Downside – the cheap plastic comb head on the other side of the pencil is useless and there are only 3 shades offered.  If you have dark black brows, you won’t have a shade to pick from because it only goes up to medium brown.  And don’t click up too much of the pencil before applying bc it breaks off easily.
2. MODERATE : MAC Eye Brows (brunette), $16.  (this is the pencil I’m wearing in all of these photos) What I like – it’s again got a thin pencil tip to help with realistic hair drawing. The color for me is perfect (brunette) and is a soft pencil that doesn’t require much effort to draw on.  Downside – no additional comb or way to brush the product through after application, you need an extra comb. But I think this price is just perfect for being a middle of the road product. I want to buy it in “lingering” which is a fairly universal color they offer.
3. PRICIEST : Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz (soft brown), $21.  This is the holy grail of eyebrow pencils.  I’m obsessed. What I like – the finest tip of them all and draws the most amazingly
realistic hairs you can imagine with little effort. Don’t know what it is about it’s formula, but it’s perfect and goes on just light enough with enough ease that you don’t have to work hard to make it look realistic.  It’s got an added spooly at the end of the pencil to help you comb through your work. Downside – of course price, wish it was 10 bucks cheaper, but I’ll pay it bc brows are so important to me.  The color “taupe” in this pencil is pretty much universal for anyone that doesn’t know what shade they are, even I can get away with it if I want lighter brows.

best brow pencils for every budget

how to fill in an eye brow
1. Start with marking 3 small pencil points (pic above^^) – on the inner part of brow towards nose, right at the top of your highest point of where you want your arch, and then at the outermost edge of your eye lining up with your lash line.
2.  Connect these points by drawing small strokes on the under side of the brow line and then along the upper most part of the brows.
3.  Then shade in the middle between both upper and lower stencil lines drawn just where you see gaps.
4.  Comb through pencil marks with a good brow brush. I like this brow groomer from Sonia Kashuk.


best eye brow pencils
 Do you fill in your brows?  I’d love to hear what your current favorite pencil or product is in the comments below! 
(If you want to know what mascara I’m wearing, it’s this Physician’s Formula extension kit blogged here – it’s crazy fantastic!!)