The South Goes North For Spring Break

Beauty blogging is taking a bit of a backseat this week, but for good reason.  My kiddos are out of school for spring break (I know early right??) and we have decided to take a major road trip up towards Chicago with a few stops along the way.  Here’s a little glimpse…

So we have been through Nashville, St. Louis, and now have landed in Chicago. It’s been a whirlwind trying to do and see everything we possibly can in a short amount of time hitting each big city before we have the loooong drive back to Georgia!! But I can’t believe how much our kids have enjoyed the crazy traveling in the car and the hotel life!  Oh, and did I mention we have NO dvd players in our car for this 800+ mile cross country drive?? (And that was only to our last destination – doesn’t include the extra 800+ drive back home!!)  It’s actually worked out and caused the three of them to bond in the backseat like never before:)

I can’t wait to share more Chicago pics but for now, time to rise and shine and see what memories we can make and what we can see in the windy city!!

*And if you’re wondering where we have been staying in each city, Embassy Suites! They’ve been awesome because they have pull out couches the kids sleep on (my oldest brought his sleeping bag to sleep away from his younger siblings), separate bedroom with door, mini kitchens (for all the leftovers we bring back and put in the fridge after each meal), and complimentary yummy breakfast and free happy cocktail hours from 5:00-7:00pm!!  It has been such a pleasure in St. Louis and Chicago staying here, I’m the Embassy Suites biggest fan now when traveling with family.*