Beach Wavy Hair & Believable Bronze Skin

When I think beach wavy hair and bronzed skin, a Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover immediately pops into my head.  Swim ready body aside, (oh geez, is it realllly time for that??) I am completely on board with getting the feeling of summer into my style because I’m so tired of all of the dreary rain here in Georgia! Bring on the sunshine.

I will first start with HAIR.  I saw a video on on how to get beach waves with no irons or tools and where it happens while you sleep…done!  So I gave it a try and it was super easy, and actually worked.  Ok, so I didn’t turn out looking like Chrissy Teigen above, but hey, give me points for trying!

Disclaimer : I took one for the team on these photos because I shot them right after waking up – zero makeup!   But don’t worry, the makeup and bronzed skin will come later:)

how to get beach waves with no tools




how to get beach waves with no tools

The waves looked more like curls right after releasing them but turned into waves as the day wore on as you’ll see in the future photos below.  The beauty of this hair do is that I literally took a shower after my kids fell asleep then while it was still wet all I did was…

  1. run a dab of my Living Proof Perfect Hair Day treatment throughout my hair (blog post here)
  2. parted my hair down the center of my head
  3. took one side and coiled it backwards until it rolled up into a small bun
  4. secured it with a thin elastic and one bobby pin to keep it flush against my head
  5. repeat on the other side
  6. went to sleep
  7. woke up, took out elastics and bobby pins
  8. voila, imperfect beach waves!
Now that my hair was done over night I could focus on getting my SKIN looking like it had been at the beach and not in the bed!  I was recently introduced to the safe skincare and clean beauty brand Beauty Counter and fell in love with their contouring bronzer that has zero shimmer but a naturally warm glow.
Beauty Counter bronzer
best realistic powder bronzer
best brush to contour cheeks with
contouring the  nose


best bronzer and beach wavy hair
MAC brush # 287 (for nose contouring – but also a really great eyeshadow blending brush!)  \ Foundation : Diorskin Airflash Color #200
I’m such a bronzer girl when it comes time for spring and summer.  If you don’t have a real tan, fake it til you make it I always say!! Even a little bit of bronzer is better than none at all.   Since this product is a matte finish, it’s not only great for warming up your pale winter skin, it’s also perfect for realistic hollowing of the cheekbones unlike shimmery ones which tend to look fake when you attempt contouring.
Where I place this bronzer :
  • right underneath the cheekbones starting from top of the ear towards mouth,
  • sides of the nose,
  • around the hairline and perimeter of face,
  • and don’t forget the neck that never sees the sun because it’s blocked by your chin!
* * * * *
Who else is ready for beach-like hair and makeup??