Good To The Last Drop : Paula’s Choice Empties


Do you remember my post I did back in March on the skincare line Paula’s Choice HERE?

Well it has been 6 months since then and I have finally reached the bottom of (almost) all 3 of these products above.  I actually finished their eye makeup remover over two months ago because it was REALLY good and sadly already threw the bottle away so I wasn’t able to photograph that beauty. *sigh*  Gone too soon.  (It wasn’t greasy, oily, but removed everything without me tugging at my eyes!)

So you may be curious, “Did I really continue using those products after that blog post?”

Well yes I actually did.  Of course I have come across a few other skin care products in-between that time that I have talked about or done a sponsored post on.  Which in that case, you have to use those products exclusively to give real life results, like I did in previous mentioned post. But overall, I have stuck to using my Paula’s Choice regime and have been very happy with it.


The Resist Line is what I was advised to start with for my aging 37 year old skin and dryness thanks to the super helpful and sweetest Paula’s Choice skincare expert I spoke with over the phone.  This pic above is of me recently with very minimal makeup and I had mixed the oil booster (talked about below) with my tinted moisturizer to give me that dewy glow! Not bad eh??

Here are the 3 products I have used to the last drop :

  1. Resist Optimal Results Hydrating Cleanser –  Even though I have dry skin and am constantly told I need a cream cleanser I still love a good foaming skin cleanser.  It’s mental for me of course and I’m sure the foam action is not actually cleaning any better than a cream type.  But for that reason, I probably won’t buy this again.  I’m stubborn I know. Is it weird to say I felt that this soft creamy cleanser was TOO gentle for me??
  2. Resist Daily Smoothing Treatment 5% AHA  – Glycolic Acid is known for being one of the best heavy hitters in the anti aging ingredients circle.  I love the almost non existent but light smell of this, the pump feature, and how it sinks in so nicely after washing my face.  And it’s gentle enough to use day AND night so it’s giving you the option to anti-age twice a day!  Woo Hoo!!! Would I buy again, for sure.
  3. Resist Moisture Renewal Oil Booster for Very Dry Skin –  I have a thing for anything Argan Oil related and have used this on my face, cuticles, and even elbows.  It’s a huge moisture booster and has no annoying scent.  I will definitely buy a second one…with my coupon code!! See below for this special one time offer…


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This is a sponsored post through PRIMP and Paula’s Choice.  Photos and opinions expressed are my own and honest as always!!