UNT : The Beauty Brand From Taiwan You Haven’t Heard Of Until Now

UNT-beauty-brand-TaiwanUNT-taiwan-beauty-brandUNT-beauty-brand-brow-pencil UNT-beauty-taiwan-liquid-eye-liner-penUNT-beauty-eye-makeup

There is a new beauty brand in town called UNT and it comes all the way from Taiwan, shopunt.com.  “UNT” is named after an abbreviation taken from “Untitled” because the brand believes that beauty cannot be represented by one verbal expression alone. They also feel that UNT cannot relate to just one form of beauty.

The goal with their products is to develop innovative and effective products at an affordable price to the mass market.  Specifically focusing on products that share the following distinct attributes: small molecular weight (whatever that really means!), easily absorbed, light, low-oil based content, high concentrations of active ingredients, and in sync with international development for new materials.

UNT-nail-laquer UNT-nail-lacquerUNT-nail-lacquerUNT-sun-envy-gel-nail-polish

UNT-sun-envy-gel-nails-beauty-bloggerToday I am specifically talking about 4 of their cosmetic products I was sent for review.

  1. Eye Define Liquid Eyeliner in Black.
  2. Brow Master Dual Ended Brow Pencil
  3. Nail Lacquer
  4. Sun Envy Gel Effect and Top Coat

First, I will discuss EYES.  I am a big fan of LIQUID EYE LINER PENS to give me that sharp cat eye.   I will say that this one delivered great results and gave me the most precise winged eye, was super dark and inky black (which I love), and best of all, it doesn’t budge due to its waterproof formula.  Phenomenal staying power, which is rare in a liquid bc they’re usually the first ones to go astray!  At $14.99, I think it’s a good deal, but not as cheap as I’d like for it to be. I have another formula from a similar type and feel drugstore brand that is $11, so I’d of course go for the cheaper version.

Now y’all know I love me some BROWS.  I paint and draw mine in every.single.day.  And I’m really picky about my brows.  This pencil was my exact brow color and had the perfect consistency for me.  Not too dry, not too soft.  And the bonus of having a spooly at the end of the pencil to brush through the product is always a huge plus for me. Priced at $10.99, I think this is a great deal.  It worked just as good as my more pricey $20+ pencils.  It only comes in 3 colors which is a bummer but I would think would work the majority of brow colors out there.

Onto NAILS.  I will be honest and say that nail polishes are a dime a dozen to me.  Do I love holding and looking at cute square bottles of the more expensive brands (you know who I’m talking about!), yes I do.  They look pretty displayed on my bathroom counter.

But I have NEVER come across a polish that I thought “WOW, that really out performed ____.”  The only time I’m ever a big fan about a polish, is due to the actual color.  And if I love the color, despite the price tag, I will wear it over and over even if I have to reapply it because it chips.

That being said, I painted my daughters nails and toenails (it was time, hers were looking rough!) with their basic Nail Laquer. They offer a ba-zillion different shades and of course Vivian chose the confetti looking one called Sugar Rush and for her toes a pale pink called Cotton Candy.  These basic formulas are $8, not too bad, but I’d still like to see them in the $5 range.

I tried out the Sun Envy Gel nail polish on my toes in color NV040, a pale opaque orange sherbet color (I had just painted my nails the other night and didn’t want to remove them!).  I know feet shots aren’t particular pretty when you’re my age, but I think my photo above turned out okay:)  I must say I loved this color as it’s a great transition color from summer to fall without being too dark.  This particular formula promises to stay for 7-10 days with extreme shine after you apply their Sun Envy top coat. It cures with natural light and delivers a gel effect with the ease of traditional lacquer. No lamp needed.  So far so good after 3 days.  It’s $10.50 for the gel polish and $12.50 for the top coat.

If you want to try out any of these products yourself, go to shopunt.com and at checkout use the coupon code: UNT10OFF, to get 10% off the entire website.  This offer will be valid from 9/7 – 10/31.  Be sure to follow UNT on Facebook here for additional samples and promotions.

Stay tuned for my next post installment on UNT next week on a couple of their skincare items.  I’ll be back sharing as to whether or not the Sun Envy really stuck around for 7-10 days too!

(This post features sponsored content and these products were sent to me through SheSpeaks and UNT Beauty. All opinions and photos are honest and my own.)