Spanx Must Have Faux Leather Leggings

spanx-faux-leather-leggingsspanx-atlanta-st-cecilia-restaurantspanx-leather-leggings-fringe-boots IMG_4761winter-graphic-sweater-vest spanx-leather-leggings-fringe-boots-atlanta-bloggerspanx-leggings-leather-faux-fringe-boots

Faux leather leggings (size up, I’m in a Medium) : Spanx // Fringe boots : Sam Edelman // Sweater vest : Amazon // Crepe Dress : Nordstrom // Crossbody convertible clutch bag : Gigi New York // Bracelet : vintage // Lipgloss : NYX Intense Butter Gloss “Tres Leches”

Anytime there is beautiful lingerie decorating the bar and you are sporting your hot Spanx leather leggings (faux of course), you know it’s going to be a good time.  Recently I was treated to a wonderful dinner hosted by the shape wear brand Spanx along with my local blogger pals from The Blog Societies.  It’s a great perk to be a part of a blogger community I tell ya!

We had the most amazing dinner at St. Cecilia in Atlanta and got schooled on everything Spanx has to offer coming up this winter.  From their wine/bordeaux colored shape wear, to the newest in moto faux leather leggings, and printed tights, they’ve got some good stuff to keep your rear looking fashion forward. Get it?? Ha!

I got so excited that the weather here in Georgia was finally cool enough to bust out my all time favorite Ready To Wow faux leather Spanx leggings from last year.  They are my go-to-cool-mom wardrobe piece.  They are oh so comfy and can be worn casual but chic with awesome sneakers OR jazzed up with sassy fringe boots like I wore here.  Are you tired of seeing me in these boots yet?!  I can’t help it, they’re so rad and I get tons of compliments on them everytime.

But seriously, these leggings are so versatile that I can wear them a multitude of ways – from my weekly run to Target or on a night out with the hubs.  And yes, whatever top, tunic, or dress you choose to wear them with, make sure your butt is covered because they are not pants.  That is all.

Did I mention the Spanx-tini’s that we enjoyed during the night??  Well they didn’t disappoint. (It’s really just a cosmo with a fancy fun name but for some reason made it taste better!)

I love fall (and Spanx!) and thanks to these leather leggings, I can get dressed faster than my 7 year old son can tie his own shoes:)

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