Monday Beauty Mantra

funny-beauty-quote-memes funny-beauty-quote-memes-makeupI couldn’t help myself but to create these funny beauty memes that ring SO true for me personally!! If my hubby ever asks me to just do a “quick makeup job” so we can get out of the door for whatever reason, I give him this look in my head. Vivian knows what’s up and her knuckle sandwich pose:)

And when I try to teach my clients how to put on liquid liner, I tell them to just go for it.  Don’t be scared and if you mess up you can just try again with makeup remover.  Keep calm, and liquid liner on!  Walker’s face was just too perfect for this quote.

This past weekend was super busy with makeup jobs, Halloween decorating, trips into the big city (Atlanta!), and composing a few upcoming posts and projects that will be coming up soon.

So on this Monday, I’m easing into the work week by sharing with you some other really hilarious beauty quotes and memes I found to make you laugh.  And if that wasn’t enough, here is another group of them that possess so much makeup humor!

I’d love to hear which ones hit your funny bone in the comments below! Make this Monday a great one everybody!