Our Family Costumes


It’s now November and my favorite holiday of the year is over.  I am sad to see Halloween go and all of the pumpkins and cobwebs that covered my entire house get taken down.

But before I start busting out the turkeys and pilgrim figurines I wanted to share a few photos taken from Saturday.  If I had been a great blogger I would have taken more detailed photos of our family costumes but it was more about enjoying day and the 60+ people that came to my house for trick or treating and just plain hanging out rather than stylized photos!  The last thing my kids wanted to do was pose for multiple photos when they were all hyped up on sugar and had their buddies around, so just a few iPhone pics had to do.

I used to be able to convince everyone to be a collective theme when it came to Halloween costumes a few years ago when the kids were younger. You’ve seen those Instagram posts of the families that look picture perfect and you know exactly what movie or TV show everyone is from, but those days are over.  The boys think it’s lame to do anything I want them to dress up like!

Oh and that deer makeup on my best friend Ann above, I did that!  It was super duper easy thanks to Pinterest inspirations.  Bronzer, a black eye pencil, and white shimmery eyeshadow was all it took!

Here is a breakdown of our family costumes :

  • Vivian was Ariel and I was Ursula from the Little Mermaid. We had an awesome red wig for her to wear but she refused and begged for red spray paint for her hair. I’m still bleaching my bathtub to get all of the pink rims out from the two shampoos we had to do yesterday to remove the color.  My mom made my octopus tentacle skirt (still not quit sure how) and I used an old Shaggy wig (Scooby Do) from years ago that I sprayed white. I love getting multiple uses out of wigs and creating my own costumes on the cheap rather than buying $60 adult costumes.
  • My husband was a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle which he borrowed from a buddy of his.  I tried to convince him to be King Triton from Little Mermaid (Ariels’ dad, makes sense right??) but for some reason he  just wanted to be comfortable in a zip up snuggy type costume and not bare his bare chest.
  • Jack was a wicked jester and Walker was a bleeding heart skeleton. Boys.  The grosser the better when it came to their costumes.  I will never understand.
  • Taco was a taco. Obviously:) Costume from Party City.

Now I’ve got 3 massive buckets of Halloween candy and chocolate to try and keep my hands out of!  Self control, I have very little.

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Happy beginning of November everyone!