5 Winter Beauty Trends I Can Get Excited For

winter-beauty-trendsOk so none of these winter beauty trends are really new or ground breaking, but they all feel fresh and will make you look hot when the temps have dropped!

I am glad to finally be back in the swing of blogging after a much needed break while my kids have been home for Christmas break. Let’s be real, it’s almost impossible to do any blogging while 3 little people are underfoot and need your attention every waking minute at home!!

If you follow me on Instagram you already saw the above pic of me and the kids celebrating yesterday being their last day of freedom with a pizza lunch in downtown Athens (today is considered my first day of freedom!).  It’s been unseasonably warm until really yesterday and I am actually welcoming the winter temps!

So speaking of cold weather, here are my TOP 5 BEAUTY TRENDS I am excited to implement this winter…


  • METAL EYELIDS.   This look from the fall runway of Mara Hoffman (photo via HarpersBazaar.com) is just metal perfection!  I love the shimmer of the gold metallic with the dark matte shadow highlighting it in the crease. When our skin looses its luster due to the cold temps, adding some shine to your lids totally perks up your face!!  Definitely gonna recreate this look soon!  One of my all time favorite gold shadows is “Half Baked,” HERE.


  • BLACK FRENCH TIPS.  I want to try this look ASAP!  Chunky white french tips should be a look of the past but bringing in chic black with a thin line across the tips is so 2016!  The perfect black and nude polishes you could use to create this look are  “Union Jack Black,” and “Ballet Slippers.”


  • HYALURONIC ACID.  Use more of it to be exact. I have been using this powerful ingredient sparingly but now after reading this article on Elle.com, 3 Reasons You Need Hyaluronic Acid In  Your Skin Care Routine, I am going to start using it more often!!  It is super effective for dry skin (which I totally have!) and for keeping away the wrinkles. “It has plumping properties that are found in injectable fillers like Juvederm, but topical use of the skin-smoothing ingredient can dramatically improve the look of skin.”  Ok, sign me up!  This Paula’s Choice Hyaluronic Booster is a great option to start off with.


  • MOODY LIPSTICK.  It can range from black, to dark plum, to bordeaux red, just make it dark, deep, and bold lip.  Hey when you do this, it will mean less work you will need to do on the rest of your makeup because the eyes and cheeks should be simple so as not to overwhelm your face!  I double like that.  Two of my fave dark lipsticks are “Cherry Noir” and “Blackmail.”


  • REVERSE EYELINER. (image via)  You typically use your liner on the upper lashline right? Well now, it’s time to flip that script and wear it underneath and keep the upper lid more sheer of color so as not to overwhelm the eye.  This is the most daring of the trends in my opinion.  I like this look worn with a bit more color underneath rather than just a neutral brown or tan. I would try a forrest green or plum shadow for sure!  Tip – don’t forget the concealer though when creating this look!  Adding a dark shade underneath is always like a spotlight on the those dark circles so you have to knock them out ahead of time.

I hope you have had a good start to the new year and I’m looking forward to catching up with you!