A Genius Way To Conceal The Gray : Gray Away Root Touch-Up Magnetic Powder


If you have been reading my blog for awhile, you know I am a BIG fan of Gray Away products.  

It has now become a part of my daily beauty routine!!  Being in my late 30’s, the old lady gray hairs are popping up like crazy and I am not okay with with them showing at this point.  I have been using their original root concealer spray product for months now and love it.  I made two videos about it, here and video here.  It works quickly and is immediate gratification when I don’t have time to full on color my hair at home or make a trip into the salon.  It gets me by and looks and feels so natural.

And now, Gray Away has done it again by producing another awesome addition to their family of root coverage products.

Gray Away Root Touch Up Magnetic Powder.

Their newest product is a compact, easy to use, colored powder that comes with a sponge applicator for precise control and application.  This product is extremely helpful when trying to cover up right along the scalp and in the front of my hair which sometimes the spray can’t do as well.

What I love about this product.

You can easily stash the cute compact product (with mirror!) in your purse or car for those on the go moments when you look into that rear view mirror and notice a stray gray.  Y’all know those I’m talking about!  The ones that you thought you got at home but once you’re in the sunshine realize hid from you until you were going out in public!

It takes mere seconds to apply and the color grabs on so well to those stubborn stiff grays and holds on until you shampoo it off!.

Be sure to watch my video above to see why this concealing product is such a great (and inexpensive, only $9.99) solution to a big beauty problem.

This is a sponsored post for EverPro Gray Away.  All opinions expressed are honest and my own, as always.  I genuinely believe in and love these products!