Hair Talk :: Center Part Bangs


I just got a fresh new hair update by getting center part bangs for the first time.

I almost never get any length cut off of my ends, short hair just isn’t for me. I don’t think I’ve had short hair since I entered college back in 1996.  Really.  So when I want a change, cutting bangs is about the only way I can switch up my look.

I read on many hair blogs and Pinterest that center parted bangs are a good option if you’re transitioning from a straight heavy fringed bang (like I originally got months ago) to a side sweep, or if you’re looking for a lower maintenance, feature-framing option. The great thing about this bang style of the middle split is that you want to leave it slightly imperfect with a sexy bohemian vibe.

Great! I despise trying to have “perfect” hair placement!

I have a pretty decent sized forehead so bangs are a good option for me.  My stylist kept the sides slightly longer like you see in full-moon bangs or the iconic Brigitte Bardot center part bangs…


Others who have rocked this look in various lengths are Alexa Chung, Christina Hendrix, and Kim K…



The tousled finish of this bang says it requires little effort (from what I’ve read) and the parting pushes hair to the sides for a longer lasting shape that is easy to grow out.  Which sounds good and all, but lets be realistic, bangs are always work!!

How I style them so far :  I’ve already been trying to style them with my new small round barreled brush that I blow dry each section back towards my ears then spray the heck out of them to keep their shape!  That’s it, and I have to try and keep my fingers out of them.  For some reason I want to twirl them constantly.

What do you think of the center part bang look? A do or a don’t?  I guess if I really wanted to switch up my look without cutting my hair, I could jump on the rose quartz hair dye trend

(Special thanks to the extremely talented Lyric of Republic Salon here in Athens, GA who has been cutting my hair for 4+ years now and continually gives me a hair cut better than the last!)