Best Beauty Advice I Have Heard As A Mom


Being a mom to a daughter and a makeup artist, there is some beauty advice I feel I need to pass on to her as she grows up.

And not all of it is necessarily actual makeup application because, well, Vivian is just 5 years old right now!!  But as she gets older I have become increasingly away of how I treat and take of myself (and others) will definitely make an impression on her.  And I want all of my impressions to have a positive effect on her of course.  I want her to remember certain quotes that can help her in times of distress or sadness as well as practical advice as she matures, from makeup, skincare, to physical changes.

Over my 37 years, I have heard, read, and tried a lot of beauty advice.

From blogs, Pinterest posts, and people I know, I have tried out a lot of things!Which is probably a big reason I wanted to start my own beauty blog!  Some advice I have read hasn’t been the most helpful and I wish I had known them earlier. Then I could have avoided many beauty and life mishaps!

So here are a few of my favorite bits of personal advice and things I have learned from others…

  • “Admire someone else’s beauty without questioning your own.”  Boom. The big one!
  • Please don’t over pluck your eyebrows in high school.  You WILL regret it. I made that mistake and now spend more time filling in my brows than on any other part of my face!
  • Moisturize and wear sunscreen everyday.  Even if you have oily skin, you still need an oil free moisturizer.
  • And don’t forget to apply both to your neck and hands which are clear indicators of aging!
  • Do your eye make up BEFORE foundation/concealer to avoid that annoying eyeshadow fall out.
  • Always wash your  face before bed, even if you don’t end up liking to wear makeup.  Your face is still dirty from the day and the environment.
  • “Beauty attracts the eye but personality captures the heart.”
  • Own a pet at some point in your life. They will show you what true unconditional love is.
  • If you decide to have children, your body will be different afterward.  Embrace it, do your best to get it back to where you want it, but don’t beat yourself up if it doesn’t.  You created and gave life to another human being, which is pretty miraculous.
  • If you can only pick two makeup products to wear everyday, it should be mascara and a lipstick that can double as a blush.
  • Don’t wash your hair everyday.  It will be healthier in the long run.  Use a dry shampoo in between if you need to.
  • “Beauty is two things – confidence and passion. It’s the way you carry yourself, trusting that what you have to say is interesting, being engaged, and having that spark of excitement in your eye.” Supermodel & mom Cindy Crawford
  • Have at least one red lipstick you love.  It can single handedly make you look sophisticated and confident. (My favorites I posted here and here.)
  • Pick a signature fragrance.  It’s the ultimate finishing touch and is an instant mood lifter.
  • Keep your nails clean and manicured.  Even if it’s just clear gloss.  Your hands are an important tool and show self care immediately.
  • Drink more water than soda.  I don’t care how many glasses, just drink more of it than any other beverage.
  • Concealer is a miracle worker for a tired face.  Apply it under your eyes, around the sides of your nose and in the middle of your chin if you have no time for foundation.
  • “Your dresses should be tight enough to show you are a woman and loose enough to show you are a lady.” Designer Coco Chanel
  • “I will always love you no matter what. NO matter what.” 

Happy Friday everyone!!  Now it’s your turn…I want to hear what your beauty advice would be?