Why I Prefer Honeywell Cool Moisture Humidifiers For My Home + A Giveaway

Safety first in my home.

That means keeping hot things away from my kids and pets!  This is the main reason I prefer the Honeywell brand of cool moisture and cool mist humidifiers I have been using recently, as compared to the warm mist ones.  A cool mist humidifier has a lot of pros in my opinion. Those three little people of mine and one cute tiny dog, are the #1 reason that I like the cooler versions because it means there is no risk of little hands (or paws) getting burned!  Plus the portability of a cooler version has a lot more versatility when I want to move it around to different rooms that I need it in.


3 reasons I like using a Honeywell cool moisture humidifier.

Just like you saw in the video, there are 3 main places I love keeping a cool moisture humidifier within my house. Taco decided to model 2 of the 3 rooms for you:)  See – I told you they were safe enough around pets!

  1. Kids’ Rooms.  With the dry air, pollen, colds and flu rampant here in Georgia (and in the elementary school my kids attend), it is a huge benefit to have a humidifier running.  The Honeywell Ultrasonic Cool MistMate humidifiers are easier for the body to inhale than warm ones, and they help decrease the effects of dry nasal passages, sore throats, respiratory ailments, and nose bleeds.  And my daughter has had a past with nose bleeds, but not since we started letting her have the cool mist version in her room!  Yay!  She is seriously fascinated by it and won’t go to sleep without turning it on.
  2. Office.  Remember this video I did from my workspace? Our office is fairly small, but that is why the same cool moisture version is good there as well as in our kids rooms.  I spend A LOT of time in my office as a blogger/makeup artist constantly on the computer writing or checking emails and scheduling clients.  And since my skin is SO very dry, I like having this running in the background to help me with that “beauty” issue in addition to my daily skincare routine.  My office is upstairs, and warm air rises, having a cool mist humidifier helps cool the temp of the room a bit.
  3. Bedroom.  Remember this video? It was shot where I get my beauty rest. I cannot go to sleep without white noise.  It’s so soothing to me and is now the only way I can fall asleep at night.  Luckily, the larger version named the Honeywell QuietCare Cool Moisture humidifier, has a few different speeds to where you can choose low with no noise, to the highest fan speed with a calming sound.  I’m sure a lot of people don’t think about this, but keeping a humidifier near house plants when it’s dry out, can actually help keep them alive!

Now for the fun part! Today I am happy to be teaming up with Honeywell to give TWO LUCKY READERS, A HUMIDIFIER OF THIER CHOICE AND COLOR. Whichever one fits your lifestyle/home!  I have made it super easy to enter to win below…
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Two winners will be chosen at random. Giveaway ends on May 4th, 2016 and is open to U.S. residents only, must be 18 years of age or older. Please allow up to 4 weeks for delivery. Best of luck to everyone!!

(This is a sponsored post by Honeywell Humidifiers.  All opinions and photos are honest and my own, as always!)