My First Experience With Invisalign + A Video

I am super excited to share with you my first experience with Invisalign!

I am sure some would question why would I bother to straighten my teeth in my late 30’s, and especially when they don’t seem THAT crooked?  I had braces back when I was a teenager and it worked wonders on my wonky teeth at the time.  But through the years, and wearing no retainer afterwards, my front teeth starting shifting. And shifting and shifting…


One of my biggest insecurities.

I do love to smile, but when I am taking pictures for my blog, I tend to choose all of the ones where my mouth is usually closed. (Insert sad face emoji) And as a makeup artist, I am always in peoples faces, and very closely, and my shifted overlapping front teeth bug me.

I am aware that my teeth are still by most standards, pretty straight.  I’ve even heard, “They give you character,” and “They make you…you.”  (Insert eye roll emoji.)  But my teeth are a big deal to me.  I always tell the story of how I fell in love with my husband just because of his straight teeth which is all I could see while he was in a Halloween costume that basically covered up his entire body and face. That’s another story for another time, but it shows how much I am attracted to a nice straight pair of choppers!!

So since I have memories of the traditional metal brackets and colorful rubber bands, I knew that wasn’t going to be for me as an adult.  I had read many blogs and heard personal accounts of others that had received Invisalign treatment and loved it and its results.

I fortunately have had numerous contact with Dr. Mark Gray of Gray Orthodontics and his wife Lauren, whose practice I have done quite a bit of makeup work for their website and interior office photos.  Every time I would go into their office, I would inquire and ask many questions about Invisalign out of curiosity.  And now, I have finally gotten the opportunity I have so longed for, to experience Invisalign treatment for myself!

Here’s a shot recently taken when I did makeup for all of their staff – they are the cutest, nicest, and most talented group of ladies! Plus, I have dental office anxiety in every way when I am the patient, but Dr. Grays staff make this entire experience much easier and pleasant.


This is one of my original teeth scans that shows the front teeth moving that have been bugging me for so long on the right side of the photo.  That whole scanning process was wild and so forward thinking technology wise!  These scans are how the custom trays are actually made for your mouth.

I felt so much better after the consultation with Dr. Gray and knowing that he was confident in the ultimate outcome.  Plus once my trays came in and I was fitted with the clear attachments on my teeth (this is what locks your trays in)  I knew I was a step closer to that straight smile I have wanted back!

I will be updating you on my treatments by sharing my progress once a month on my blog.  I am beyond pumped to have started this process.  The fact that these are invisible trays, no metal involved, and no eating restrictions = straight teeth, yes please!

If you are in the Atlanta and Athens area, and would like more information about this treatment from Gray Orthodontics you can contact them HERE and follow them on Facebook

(On a fashion note, if you like my cold shoulder flutter sleeve top I’m wearing in my video, you can purchase it from here!)