My Most Flattering Brunette At Home Hair Color + Video


flattering_brunette_hair_color flattering_brunette_hair_color

I have found my most flattering brunette at home hair color.

Now I have been coloring my hair at home ever since high school, but it was just for fun back then. Usually staying in the darker shades, I have tried everything from mahogany, to almost purple, to reddish- brown.  Nowadays, it’s more like I color out of necessity because of the grays popping up like crazy in my late 30’s.  But I have learned to be okay with it, because I always feel like a new woman after I color my hair!

My magically perfect shade is John Freida Precision Foam Hair Color in “Dark Chocolate Brown,” $13.  I recently found it over on where this formula was labeled as the best for women with sensitive skin because most of the mousse like formulas don’t drip as easily into the face and hairline.

Whoever said blondes have more fun, never met THIS rich flattering brunette shade!  I have tons of fun being brown hair!  And no, like the above screen grab from my YouTube video shows, this is NOT a sponsored post for John Freida. I just truly love love this color after trying out SO many at home hair colors in the past few years.  Which is why I felt compelled to make a video about it below…

Of course maintenance is crucial when you’re going for even all-over color like me.

Here are some tips when coloring your hair at home :

  • Be prepared to visit this box very frequently if your goal is to cover grays – like every four to five weeks.
  • Before the grays bugged me to death, I only did it like every three months just to keep the color rich.
  • For the 5 week mark, I just use this product at my roots, and not all over.
  • At the next 5 week mark (every 10 weeks) I’ll pull the entire color down to the tips.
  • To keep from staining your face when using a dark shade like this, line the perimeter of your face and ears with a barrier cream – I used coconut oil in this video but moisturizer or lotion works too.
  • Apply it onto at least one day old dirty hair.
  • Start at the top and use clips to section off the hair so you can see where you’ve been and where you are going.
  • Keep on only for the recommended time on the instructions – I’ve done longer before and it just ends up making my hair really greasy for some reason.
  • I try to keep from washing my hair with shampoo until a day or two after coloring just to let it set.
  • Be sure to use a shampoo/conditioner that is sulfate free to keep the color fresh – I have been using Aveeno Pure Renewal Sulfate Free Shampoo & conditioner.
  • In between the colorings when the stubborn grays pop up and its too early to dye my hair, I use this product by Gray Away – it’s a lifesaver!

Do you color your hair at home?  If you do, what tricks do you have for a successful dye job and what is your favorite shade?

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