What To Expect 3 Months Into Invisalign Treatment

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It has been not quite 3 months since I first started with my Invisalign treatment with Gray Orthodontics here in Monroe, Georgia.

The first photo and last photo, I have both of my trays in. The middle shot is without them.  Can’t really tell the difference “are they in?” or “are they out?!”

If you missed my first post on what it was like to get them for the first time with Dr. Mark Gray of Gray Orthodontics, you can check it out HERE plus a fun video.  And if you aren’t quite sure what exactly Invisalign is as compared to braces, here is a short explanation :

Invisalign moves teeth with a series of custom-made aligners, like a retainer, that are made from clear plastic.  They move your teeth in a sequence determined by your doctor.  Which means they are far less noticeable than braces which we all know are made of metal wires and brackets. Both give the same end result of straightening your teeth.

So far, here is what I have experienced wearing the Invisalign treatment over the past 11 weeks…

#1.  The cases they give you to store them in are super necessary.

I thought I was going to be SO good and not lose these things that are supposed to be in my mouth 22 hours of the day, but I had a misstep about 5 weeks ago.  I left both trays out on the kitchen counter (not in their cases) just so I could eat a quick snack from the pantry. Well, I guess I got careless and forgot about them after I satisfied my hunger, wiped off my counter tops as I do quite frequently, and they landed on the floor.

Now they are so lightweight, that I never heard them drop to the ground and I can barely see them on my marbled counter tops. After realizing a bit later that, “OH, I forgot to put my trays back in,” I found one on the kitchen floor and the other, well, upstairs next to our 6 lb dog who had decided to make it his current chew toy.

Luckily, Dr. Gray told me up front to ALWAYS keep your previous trays handy once you switch to the next set, just in case you happen to accidentally throw them away (yes I did that once too by wrapping them in a napkin, but luckily realized I had done it right after so I retrieved them!), lose them, or in my case, your dog gets a hold of them.  So I had to wear my old upper aligner until the next set.

#2.   Speaking of taking them out to eat, no eating with them in.

You can drink water with them in but any other beverages are discouraged and eating with them on is a no no.  I remove them for every meal (and snack!), brush my teeth if I need to, clean the aligners and replace them. I will say that this process has helped me drink more water, which is a huge bonus for me!  And I do not snack nearly as much as I used to.

#3.  You should be wearing your trays 22 hours a day.  

You want your teeth straighter sooner than later right? So wear them as much as possible except for during meals.

#4.  They are not as painful as I remember braces being (when I was a teenager).

Sure, the pressure you experience when you switch to a new pair (every two weeks for me) isn’t like getting your hair shampooed at the salon, but it’s certainly not painful.  I’m maybe uncomfortable for one day and then my mouth adjusts.

#5.  My checkup appointments have been easy breezy.

Seriously the checkup appointments where you have to go back to see the doctor are easy as pie and literally have lasted maybe 15 minutes tops.  I have gone in, chatted with a technician who takes out my old trays and pops in the new ones. Then Dr. Gray comes in to make sure he’s happy with how they are situated, where your teeth are going, and then you’re gone.

Apparently though, my next appointment is going to consist of a little more – something called “stripping” the teeth, so stay tuned! (My doctor told me it is not as bad as it sounds!)

I have FINALLY started to see a change within the last month. 

Of course I was expecting to see a miracle right when I got my trays in and my overlapping front teeth to look automatically straighter. I know, unrealistic. However, all of a sudden, not even 3 months in, I CAN see them shifting to where I want them to be! Woo hoo!!

If you are interested in looking into this Invisalign treatment in the Athens, Atlanta, Snellville, and Monroe Georgia area, you can request more info from Gray Orthodontics + Dr. Mark Gray by visiting their website HERE.  Their staff is super duper nice and so helpful!!

You can also follow them on their Facebook and Instagram pages.

Like my t-shirt says, “Everyone looks better with a SMILE!”  I couldn’t agree more.

Thank you to Gray Orthodontics for allowing me the opportunity to fix one of my biggest insecurities and to share my experience with my readers.