How I Get #UNREADY With The Double Cleansing Method And Neutrogena + A Giveaway


What is a “double cleansing method” and what does #unready mean you might ask??

It’s a well known fact in my house that mom does NOT go to bed with her makeup on.  As a makeup artist, I feel that healthy looking skin is a MUST in my line of work and cleansing that skin before hitting the sheets is the #1 way to achieve that.

It’s also one of those things that once you start doing it every single night, it becomes a habit. Now I cringe at the thought of laying down with makeup still on…Yuck!!  My kids even find it fascinating watching my face wash away to a clean slate – ha ha!!

The hashtag #unready according to the skin friendly brand Neutrogena® means that there is more to beauty than just getting ready and doing your hair and makeup.

Getting #unready is “the nightly ritual of cleaning your face with the Double Cleansing Method and winding down from your day so you’ll be ready for tomorrow.”  This way of washing gets your skin the most complete clean by combining two clinically proven products that work better together for clear, healthy-looking skin.  I tried this new way of thinking for a full week and was really pleased with the results!


My personal double cleansing method consists of :

  1. First I use the Neutrogena® Makeup Remover towelettes to remove the main layer of makeup off of my face, including the stubborn waterproof mascara I wear daily! So no extra eye makeup remover required.  These things are no joke, and get the job done quickly!! I have used these exact towelettess for years and not just as of recently. (I also keep a pack of these in my makeup artistry kit for quick cleansing of clients who have old makeup on. So handy and require no water.)
  2. I then use the Neutrogena® Deep Clean Cream Cleanser to really penetrate the skin and get it completely squeaky clean down to the pores! This stuff has the most invigorating tingling sensation that makes you feel like you’re doing some major good for your skin!!  It’s oil free, so it works for oily ladies and even dry skinned mamas like me because it’s a cream based cleanser! this is extremely good for me to switch to a cream cleanser since we are transitioning into fall and my skin will definitely be getting drier and drier come the cooler temps.


Why cleanse at night?

It’s important to focus on night cleansing because when you’re asleep, your skin goes through its nightly repair phase and you can add your specifically targeted night time skin products that will soak in and work more effectively on clean skin.

By going ahead and washing my skin at night, it makes for a great way to wake up in the morning and only have to splash my face with some cold water to start my day!  There is usually no need to deep clean at night AND in the morning because think about it – if you go to bed with clean skin, on a clean pillow case, inside your home, then your skin isn’t being subjected to outside pollutants or makeup so why would you clean it just 8 hours later?

Since I have three kids, I do think it’s important to also show them that mom enjoys taking care of her skin and face…because it’s the only face we get in this life!!  And yes I think boys should wash their faces too.  I think my son Walker (above) could get on board because he’s my kid that loves to hang around at night with me while I’m doing my nighttime skincare routine – JUST so he can prolong bedtime….hahahaha!

(I’m STILL trying to convince my hubby that face washing at 40 makes a difference for men even though he doesn’t wear makeup, obviously!!  His face is still collecting dirt outside at the football field coaching my boys!  These easy towelettes will be a good start to getting him on board with face cleansing…maybe!)

Clean Clear Skin = Less Makeup Needed.

Overall switching to this way of double cleansing with Neutrogena® has helped keep my skin in great shape post-summer and as we go into fall.  The importance of keeping my skin looking as good as possible, gives me major confidence and also helps me to rely on less makeup in my daily routine which is a huge plus and time saver!  Especially when I have a demanding job, 3 kids and a husband!!  I also love that Neutrogena® is an affordable skincare option that everyone can get on board with and find a cleansing system that can specifically work for their skin needs and issues.  They have all of the bases covered.

Like I always say, it is much easier to get a cleansing skin care routine down than it is trying to cove up bad skin with different makeup products and techniques. So get that #unready routine down and get on your way to healthier and blemish free skin!




G I V E A W A Y  T I M E ! 

One lucky reader is going to get their own personal duo of Neutrogena Double Cleansing products of their choice by just commenting in the random Rafflecopter widget below : 1. how much time you currently spend on skincare and 2. how many products you use…if any!  Can’t wait to read your answers!  This giveaway will end on Friday October 7th, 2016.  Good luck to everyone!!
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(I teamed up with SheSpeaks and Neutrogena® for this post.  All photos are originals and my own as well as my opinions on these products!)