I Made One Of The Biggest Video Mistakes


My biggest video mistake.

(Click the arrow to watch this short video which immediately tells you what BIG mistake my blogger friend Lauren and I made! The two happy photos of me above are hours before I got the bad news.)

Hard fact about videos : “YouTube has over a billion users — almost one-third of all people on the Internet — and every day people watch hundreds of millions of hours on YouTube and generate billions of views.” (From Youtube statistics.) 

So that means a lot of Americans are watching videos with their handy smartphones.  People just love video content.  Whether it’s only for entertainment value or watching in order to learn something, a video tells a story better than anything.  And if you’re selling your business OR yourself OR both…you have GOT to get your videos right.  That means avoiding common video mistakes/

Recently my friend Lauren (of EditByLauren blog) and I discovered first hand that we made one of the most common stupid video mistakes that could have been very easily resolved…POOR AUDIO!

While it’s great to shoot footage at a store or a special event, it’s key to know that your phone does have some limitations when it comes to recording sound.  And when you try to record in a department store (like we were at Nordstrom), you gotta think about the music over the loud speakers being a HUGE issue!

Original video topic.

This video originally was supposed to be all about Lauren and I sharing our top 3 fall beauty and style trends with our followers -you! And I am not exaggerating when I say we recorded for almost 2 hours, for a 1-2 minute video.  Starting and restarting, messing up our words, making no sense about what we were trying to say, it was a long arduous process.

Once I got home with the video footage, I realized very quickly while listening back, that you could barely make out a word we were saying.  Aaaghhhhh!!!

Despite how cute we thought our outfits looked (note my olive green dress and new ankle boots above), it just wasn’t going to be a useable and informative video.  HUGE bummer.

All of that hard work had gone to waste…well not completely thanks to my hubby, Jawavifilms.com, for creating this highlight reel of our day!  There might not be any mentions of what the latest lip color is you should be wearing this fall, but you can definitely tell we had a great time trying to share our expertise on style and beauty!!

rode-microphones-biggest-video-mistakes- and -solutions

What I learned & how to solve it.

In order to get great sound while in a noisy setting, you should be wearing a small microphone on your clothing.  We will be using this Røde lavalier microphone for the next video and attaching it to our iPhone in order to capture our voices.  Yes, Lauren and I are re-doing that whole fall trend video again!!  This will allow us to drown out all of that back ground noise that messed with us previously and for our voices to be the main focus and much clearer. 

Because if they (your audience!) can hear you and understand you, they will stick around!  So stay tuned for take #2 on our best fall makeup and beauty must haves coming soon.

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