Morning Rush Makeup That Saves Time And Face


The morning rush makeup struggle is real.

We all have those mornings where we just aren’t motivated to start the day, let alone motivated to put on makeup.  Call it a case of the Mondays…everyday!  And yes, even someone that loves makeup as much as I do, has those mornings.  Especially during the colder months on the rise where it’s difficult just to pull your arms out from the warm sheets, much less think about getting ready.

But when you’re my age, you just don’t want to forgo makeup altogether.  That’s scarier than the scariest Halloween costume!! Ha ha!!

In case you’re in that space today, here are some minimalistic makeup tips that will maintain your makeup routine without requiring you to go full out at 8 a.m.  I’m mainly focusing on the eye makeup because I find that’s where most women struggle with what to do.

Here’s how I beat the morning rush makeup struggle with some techniques and products that work every time, in no time!


Eye Makeup Step By Step.

  1. (5 seconds) Choose an eye shadow duo that includes a light neutral as well as a complimentary hue that is a few shades deeper. I used my go-to LORAC Pro To Go Palette  in just two colors “shell” and “cafe.” (video review I did of this awesome palette is embedded at bottom of this post – go watch at the end!) Using a wide bristled eye shadow brush, you can apply the lightest powder first all over the lid from lash line to brow to create an even colored base on the lid.
  2. (20 seconds) Then use the darker neutral shade and create a sideways V shape with the point going towards the outside of the eye, then blend gently into the lightest shadow until you can’t tell where one shade starts and stops.  I used this tapered crease brush to do this part.
  3. (1 minute) Take a bronze based brown eyeliner which is a little more fun than regular flat brown and has a punch of color that compliments ALL eye colors! This “Golden Bronze” one from NYX is so perfect (and cheap!).  Line the entire upper lash line and along the outer corners of the lower lash line.  I like to take my swoop out and up a little bit to create a more lifted eye look.  Don’t worry about it being perfect, because the next step will take care of any squiggly lines.
  4. (45 seconds) Take a stiff liner brush (this is my fave one from MAC) and buff out the liner to diffuse and smooth the lines.
  5. (1 minute)  Curl lashes with your eyelash curler, then apply 2-3 coats of black mascara.  My current fave is definitely the it Cosmetics Superhero mascara I used here.
  6. (30 seconds) If some brow help is needed, a colored brow mascara or gel is a quick fix for adding volume and keeping ornery brow hairs in place.

Finishing Up The Face.

  1. (15 seconds) Clean off any shadow or mascara mistakes under the eye with a Qtip and makeup remover.  You were rushing, you were bound to make mistakes, it’s ok!
  2. (30 seconds) SKIN : If you’re always in a rush, get yourself a good BB cream which is the easiest skin corrector for most skin types and issues. Be sure to blend under the chin so you aren’t left with a makeup mask! I like Garnier’s Miracle Skin Perfector.
  3. (15 seconds) If your dark circles are still refusing to go away, dot a bit of concealer in a V shape under your eyes just where you see darkness.
  4. (20 seconds) CHEEKS : Don’t forget your blush because a pale colorless complexion is the worst and makes you look tired even if you’re not.  A peachy pink a best for all skin colors and I used the one included in the LORAC palette above, because well, palettes are a time saver!
  5. (5 seconds) LIPS :  Dark bold lips take time and patience, which “ain’t nobody got time for that!” if you’re in a rush!  Choose a neutral shade that’s about 1 to 2 shades darker than your natural lip color.  I am wearing L’Oreal Infallible Pro Matte gloss in “Bare Attraction.”

That took only around 5-6 minutes, now get out there and slay your day with that beautiful face!