5 Genius Beauty Hacks Worth Trying To Make Your Life Easier


Beauty hacks don’t have to be difficult to be effective.

Good thing getting beach waves doesn’t have to look like this above picture anymore! I’m sure these women back in the 1930’s were just wishing someone had a better hack for this!

I am an admittedly a Pinterest freak who loves loves trying to find the latest and greatest in beauty hacks to make my life easier. I figured it would be fun to share with you some of the coolest ones I have found via the internet and ones I have already tried and done myself!

Cheers to making our beauty routines easier…


(1)  FRENCH MANICURE BANDAID STENCIL.  I love the look of a chic french mani, but can’t EVER seem to execute it myself.

So when I saw that you can just take the vertical side of a bandaid, apply its arched side over your bare nail bed just leaving enough room for the tip to paint, I about died with excitement!!  It creates the perfect nail tip shape!!

Of course you’ll need to un-tacky (is that a word??) the bandaid first.  You can do this by taking it on and off your skin a few times so that it’s not too sticky and you can transfer it from one nail to the next easily. Once you’ve painted the tip white (or gold like I did!) then you let it dry and go on to paint the rest of the nail bed and over the tip with your flesh or clear paint.


(2)  THE TIC TAC BOBBY PIN HOLDER.  I lose bobby pins like nobody’s business.  Where in the heck do those things disappear??  Does my hair eat them for dinner??

Well this cute as pie bobby pin holder looks super easy and actually fun to create!  I’m sure my daughter will absolutely love trying this because she’s obsessed with eating Tic Tacs AND painting – double win hack!   Since NO ONE puts those things back on the cardboard they come on, this will give you something cute that you will actually want to store them in.

Check out the easy steps for creating your own via LovelyIndeed.com.

*BONUS  bobby pin hack *  If you struggle with keeping your bobby pins in place without slipping, spray them with hairspray before sticking them in your hair!  Once it’s in and dried, it will stay a bit tacky and hold better!

(3)  SCOTCH TAPE WINGED LINER TRICK.  I did a YouTube video awhile back showing exactly how to very easily make a sharp winged line with the use of a common household item!  You won’t believe how simple and effective this trick is using good ole Scotch Tape.

After watching back through my video, I realized I did A LOT of chatting before I actually showed you how to do this winged eye liner hack.  *Insert eye roll*  I’m still working on getting more comfortable on video!!   So if you want to get straight to it – fast forward the video to the 3 min 15 second mark and keep watching to see how it’s done. Click on the arrow to get started.


(4) TIGHTER LOW BUN If you are a long haired gal like myself that relies on a good bun when there’s no time to shampoo, then listen to this awesome hair hack!  In order to keep your bun from loosening throughout the day, here’s a quick tip that I cannot wait to implement.

Tie two pigtails as close together as possible in the middle of the back of your head, and then wrap the ends around each other, creating the bun.  Then secure with bobby pins – see hack #1 for two bobby pin ideas!  I’m going to try this for a high top knot too and see if the 2 ponytail trick works!  See more hair beauty hacks over on Marieclaire.com.


(5) EYESHADOW AS QUICK ROOT CONCEALER.  I have done this many times when I have run out of my actual root concealer for my pesky gray hairs.

Most of us already have a neutral brown, black, or ashy gold eye shadow in our makeup collection that would work for those specific hair colors.  My guess is if you’re lucky enough to have red hair though, that you might have a harder time with having a red or orange eyeshadow on hand!!  I find it very easy to just dip my fluffy eye shadow brush into a matching eyeshadow, swipe it along the obvious gray root, then immediately spray that area lightly with hair spray so the color will stick temporarily.

My personal fave is my L’Oreal Infallible eye shadow in “Continuous Cocoa” for dark brunettes like myself that I chatted about on this post.  I also use this eye shadow as a great brown liner AND to fill in my brows! It’s like a 3 in one beauty product.

(If you want the name of an awesome actual root touch up concealer product that is not messy at all, check out my review for Gray Away Magnetic Powder – it’s a life saver.)


Another BONUS HACK that will be life changing if you love to wear high heels but hate the pain that comes along with wearing them.  If you tape your 3rd and 4th toe together apparently it relieves nerve pain that exists between those two toes making it more comfortable when you wear heels.  Read more about the scientific reason HERE.