“I Love Smiling. Smiling’s My Favorite!” : Invisalign 7 Month Update

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“I love smiling. Smiling’s is my favorite!!”

Thought this quote from Buddy the Elf was fairly appropriate for this time of year AND for my Invisalign treatment update!

These pictures were taken at a brand new park right by our house that we visited on a very unseasonably warm December day. And it was a smile inducing visit to say the least!! ¬†Vivian just lost one of her front teeth and I think it is just adorable!! I could never get away with that look, but when you’re a cute 6 year old it’s just precious ūüôā ¬†She is actually very proud of her gap tooth and I love that.¬†

I’m so thankful for these three little people, they make my heart burst and make me smile constantly.

Speaking of smiling…

Right now, I’m into my 7th month of wearing the Invisalign clear aligners.  Which means I’m very close to the finish line!  The movement of my front overlapping teeth has been a noticeable shift and my teeth are practically completely straight!  Which makes me smile more than ever.

My 4 week checkups with Gray Orthodontics have continued to be simple and quick.

At the last one I was told by Dr. Gray that at my next visit I will be getting another scan on the fancy computer thing like I experienced at the first visit before my trays were made.  Check out that very first blog post + video showing the scanner image HERE.  I guess this will be necessary in order to see just exactly how much my teeth have moved and how much longer I have until treatment will be completed.

Honest Disclaimer : I have noticed that with all the holiday parties I have been attending and eating at that I’ve been doing, that my aligners haven’t been worn as much as they should be…oops.

Because when I do pop them back in, they feel realllly tight. ¬†And I know that there are guidelines for a reason and that I shouldn’t be slacking off like this because my treatment will ¬†have to be extended!! Yikes! ¬†I need to make it a New Years resolution to get back to my vigilant ways of keeping my trays in at all times‚Ķand no excessive snacking!!

Can you tell in all of the photos above that I have in my Invisalign trays?  I DO!

I am still loving that they are barely noticeable by anyone even when people are up close to me. ¬†I would be very unhappy if I had to worry about food being stuck in my braces at this age ūüôā So, so far, so good with my Invisalign treatment!

If you would like to see the rest of my Invisalign journey up until now, you can read about it¬†here and here. ¬†And if you live in the Monroe, Snellville, or Athens Georgia area and are interested in Invisalign treatment, you can request more info from Gray Orthodontics HERE. ¬†Be sure to tell them you heard about them from JennySue Makeup’s experience!