$5 Eylure Realistic False Lash Strips That Look Like A Million Bucks

realistic false lash strips by Eylure style 117 R

False eyelashes have become my best friends these days.

As I get older, (turning the big 3-9 this month) my natural lashes are getting thinner and wimpier…insert a heavy *sigh.

So in looking at the glass half full, I’m just thankful for Eylure’s false lash strip style #117 to give me back what I am losing! Eyelash length AND volume!!

This style which is described as “twisty and tangled” has become one of my favorite realistic looking false lash strips as of lately.  It also doesn’t hurt that one pair is only $5 and can last up to 3-4 wearings if taken off gently and stored correctly.  Money well spent.

A lot of people may think that false lash strips must be WAY to difficult to apply.  But think again!  Just watch my Youtube video created below showing these beauties in action and step by step how I put them on…

Eylure false lash strip style 117 Reylure false lash strips realistic up close Reylure realistic false lash stripsrealistic false lash strips by Eylure up close R

Main reasons I am obsessed with these Eyelure #117 false lashes :

  1. on Ulta.com they got a 4.8 star review rating out of 5 stars. which says people love them! this is why I tried them initially. I always check out reviews and rating first before buying a new product!
  2. light as a feather. you can hardly tell they’re on once the glue dries.
  3. realistic looking due to the tangled and various lengths of lashes.  super uniform strips look way too fake.
  4. they don’t need mascara to give them drama. they’re just perfect the way they are.
  5. they’re inexpensive – like I said in the video, around $5 for one pair, and $9 for a pack of 3.

So if you can’t afford prescription Latisse or those expensive false lash extensions, give these Eylure false lash strips a try!!

Do you wear false eye lashes?  Which ones do you recommend?

(My lip color is NYX soft matte lip cream in “Madrid.”)