My New Years Resolution To Not Make Resolutions

New Years Resolution To Not Make A Resolution

Happy New Year to you!! I know I know, it’s been a lifetime since my last post.

But in my defense, I had 3 kids at home for Christmas break.  Did you see this funny Instagram post that explained exactly what that feels like?? So I told myself, “You know what, I own this blog, I’m the boss, and I say we close down for a couple weeks!”  And I did just that.  But I will admit, I missed this blog, so I’m glad to get back into the swing of things.

So diving right into it – I have a question for you.  Do YOU make New Year’s Resolutions? In all honesty, I try NOT to.

But every January, I always seem to focus on two very broad goals:

  1. Be more organized. In everything…my office, my closet, my finances, my computer desktop (holy moly it is a mess), my kids closets, my car, etc etc.
  2. Get healthier. Meaning, quit eating all that cheese, white bread, and drinking so much boxed wine.  Maybe throw in a little workout every now and then too.

On a side note, somehow I feel like I get more dis-organized than organized as the year progresses.  Not quite sure how that happens.  My hubby and I just finished deep cleaning and purging stuff from our closets and kitchen and other places you store absolutely all the unnecessary stuff, but I have a bad feeling deep down, it’s just gonna go back to square one within a couple of months!  But I am going to be my BEST to try and bunk that this year.

So as I had my mini blog vaca, I did search the web to find 6 things/changes we can all make everyday to make our lives better. And I found 2 really awesome articles that gave me some great ideas I just had to share with you.

Here are my favorites:

3 From – “36 Moves To Change Your Life For The Better”

  1. Perform random acts of kindness for people. Some really good mama friends of mine have started a movement here in my city called Remember.To.Love, which is encouraging elementary school aged children to do just that.  I think we adults need to include ourselves too! Make sure to follow them on Instagram and Facebook for ideas on how to perform easy acts of kindness towards others.
  2. Read a book that will change your life.  I did not read a single book all last year, not one. So I really would like to do that this year since I haven’t renewed most of my fashion magazines. They just pile up on my coffee table and take up space.  So I need lots of advice on what to read – GO with your recommendations!!
  3. Explore new places in your own city.  I love love my city of Athens, GA. It’s the coolest – and recently ranked #17 out of 50 as one of the top college towns to live in forever . And I know there are many parts of it I have yet to explore – so this is a biggie.

3 From –“21 Little Everyday Changes To Make Your 2017 Even Better.”

  1. Find a 3rd space that makes you happy.  I work from home, so I am home, a lot.  And sometimes that gives me a bit of cabin fever. So I liked this idea of having a specific coffee shop or other place to go to for working and possibly meet new people that are regulars there as well!
  2. Have a day off of social media every now and then.  This sounds so easy and simple, but it’s REALLY hard when you are a blogger who is supposed to be ever present on Snapchat and Instagram and your freelance makeup business relies on keeping up with emails and responses.  But I am definitely going to try and do this once or twice a month and just literally put away the phone for a day.
  3. Make your bed.  Seriously, I only make my bed if I know someone is coming over to our house and that they might happen to walk by my bedroom door.  But when the bed isn’t made, my life feels chaotic and like I don’t want to be in my bedroom.  So I want to change that and take 3 minutes to do this simple task that should set the tone for the rest of my day.

What types of changes (if any) will you be making this 2017?  Anything in particular you are looking forward to?

(My 17 month agenda planner from above is by with a similar one HERE.)