Top 3 2017 Golden Globes Makeup Looks You Don’t Need A Professional Makeup Artist For

golden globes makeup looks easy to create 2017

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Even though I LOVE to wear AND talk about massive amounts of makeup and techniques, sometimes it is refreshing to go less is more.  

And we saw quite a bit of that on the red carpet at the 2017 Golden Globe Awards…the un-fussy not so makeup-y looks were very popular.

Of course there was still the heavily contoured cheekbones and highlighting going on and lots of false lashes present but sometimes that is expected…and we like the unexpected!

In this case : MORE FACE, LESS BASE. (did you see how clever that was??)

Here are my TOP 3 GOLDEN GLOBES MAKEUP LOOKS that real ladies can relate to and recreate themselves, sans a pricey makeup artist.

All it takes is to know what type of makeup techniques and/or products make that face look so special.  And of course it all starts with good skincare (and maybe a good plastic surgeon, but who’s judging??), but I’m no licensed esthetician so we are only talking color and makeup here folks!

#1. Michelle Williams.


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I love that Michelle shied away from overwhelming her dainty features and went so simple with her makeup.  It kind of matches her low key short pixie cut and that simple black choker – no flashy diamonds.

Standout feature : Soft peachy flushed cheeks and satiny neutral lip.  With such fair skin, it’s refreshing to see she didn’t try to get a terrible spray tan or go too heavy on the blush – she let that milky complexion shine through!

How to copy her : A multipurpose cream based blush, eyes, and lip product all in one, such as Nars The Multiple Stick in “Portofino,” $38, is a great way to mimic this look .  It’s super lightweight and easy to blend for sheer color with shimmering accents. If you want a touch more shine on the lips, just pat a bit of vaseline in the center of the bottom lip as the multiple stick isn’t glossy, just shimmery.

#2. Tracee Ellis Ross.

74th Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals

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I’m sure some people might look at her and immediately go, “Well that’s NOT a no makeup makeup look??” Well actually, look again.  Her makeup is SO easy to recreate but it’s mainly just those fiery red/orange lips that are the star of the show then a bunch of mascara.  That’s it!  You can leave your lids bare with lips that distract this much!

Standout feature : That amazing bold lip that brightened up her whole face.

How to copy her : I found the EXACT lipstick shades she was wearing – yes it’s a combo of two, but they’re drugstore so it’s still an affordable look to copy. L’Oreal Infallible Lip Paints in #322 Orange Envy and #324 DIY red, $9.99 each.

#3.  Felicity Jones.

Felicity Jones Golden Globes makeup 2017 simple

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If you have bangs, you’re already half way there with pulling off Felicity’s subtle smokey eye!! Because you could almost forgo the upper lid eye makeup since you can barely see hers with the long bangs! Ha! But really, her Golden Globes makeup look is very easy to recreate on your own.  It’s all about the charcoal and silver eyes here and very little done to cheeks and lips.

Standout feature :  The soft smokey eye with the silver shimmery tear ducts and sheer pink lip, no lip liner.

How to copy her : The sheer pink lip is so easy – just swipe on a product like NYX butter gloss in “eclair.” , $4.99. Then for the eyes, focus mainly on the tear duct by applying a shimmering silver shadow or a white shimmer shadow/liner just by tracing that sideways V shape around your duct area.  (Check out this recent post on white eyeliner here for step by step tutorial direction.)  Finish off with a shadow stick like Maybelline’s EyeStudio Color Tattoo Crayon in “charcoal chrome” and just line all around your lash lines (uppers and lowers) and smudge with a eye makeup brush to soften then add mascara on both lash lines.

Shop all of the products mentioned to copy their standout features below :

Who were your favorite beauty looks from last nights red carpet and why?

If you want to know who I think knocked it out of the park in terms of having the whole package from hair, to makeup, to the dress, it HAD to be LILY.