5 Wardrobe Essentials For Fool Proof #Momstyle

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When you hear the hashtag #Momstyle, I’m sure the cutest, most stylist images do not pop into your head.

Well I’m hear to bust up the idea that us moms have to sacrifice our style.  Absolutely not!!

Whether you work from home like me or not, putting some effort into your wardrobe/appearance should be something you do for yourself everyday.  Of course I love wearing heels and they make me feel super fancy and feminine, but really cool sneakers (NOT the kind you wear to the gym :)) also make me feel put together and are a bit more practical with 3 little people to run after.  It’s all about balance people…can’t believe I used the word balance, is that even realistic?! Ha!

Check out my short vide below of my casual #momstyle while running around last week with my kids on their spring break.  What far of land did we travel to??  We didn’t.  We stayed in our city of Athens, GA, explored, and just took it easy.  It was actually quite perfect…and cheap!!

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My 5 Fool Proof Casual Wardrobe Essentials :

  1. Red lipstick – Clinique “Ruby Pop.” Hear me out on this one.  I know you’re probably like, “what’s casual about red lips??” Well, nothing.  But it’s your secret weapon for feeling fabulous while wearing sneakers.  And it relieves you from really having to put on much other makeup bc I think red lips are worn best with a simple face.  Just add mascara, concealer, and even tap your finger onto the red then rub it into your cheeks for a quick blush.  You can check this color out up close in my blog post HERE.
  2. Graphic tee – I love my city of Athens, and got my tank from a local store here in town, Tailgate Georgia.  A graphic tee is a great way to add a cool – not- trying- too – hard vibe!! (I have another one I’m obsessed with that celebrates being a Georgia Peach that I wore on this post HERE.)  I think Revolve.com has some amazing graphic tee options.
  3. Go with everything denim jacket – I got mine from The Gap.  Serious essential.
  4. Cool tennis shoes – I made my own on NikeID.com.  Like I said, these should not be the sneakers you work out in – save the beat up ones for the gym.  I prefer some sort of metallic in my sneakers because metallic shades go with most outfits.
  5. Braids – you can only wear a hat so many days in a row.  Although I did do a video about how to make a bball hat look cute HERE.  Even just a simple tiny braid in the front to add some hair interest is so cute.

The obvious is to add in your favorite pair of denim.  Consider giving gray jeans a chance because I find that mine go with just about anything and are a fun alternative to blue denim.

Of course find what works for you and your #momstyle!  Don’t compare yourself to anyone else but it’s always fun to take fashion inspiration from others and make it work for you!  And don’t forget to enjoy being a mom along the way!


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(Thanks to my hubby Scott of Jawavifilms.com for my cool video edit!)