Do The Fork And Spoon Makeup Tricks Really Work + A Video

makeup tricks fork and spoon beauty hack video

CAUTION! : Makeup tricks seen on YouTube & Instagram are NOT always as seamless and easy as they appear.

Now I’m a big fan of researching and finding new fabulous beauty hacks to add to my routine.

It is a total win when you find a new technique that allows you to nail that certain makeup look you’ve been wanting to try.  Sadly it looks like Niki Minaj might have just tried what I am going to show you in my latest video, and failed at it.  Just like I did.

Have you seen the latest Instagram and YouTube craze of makeup tricks that have to do with using your eating utensils?

Yes, our forks and spoons we use everyday in our kitchens are now being deemed the hot new makeup tools.  SPOONS are used to create a sharp cut crease eye look and the FORK is supposed to help you easily contour your nose.  Of course it looks SO easy when some of these people do this on social media so I just had to give these makeup tricks a shot.  I had high hopes of success.

Check out my YouTube video below of me trying out both of these techniques with my eating utensils for the very first time – no practicing beforehand.  If a makeup hack is THAT good, you should be able to do it on the fly the first time…or one would think…

What have we learned from this video?

That things are not as easy as they appear online.  I consider myself a pretty good makeup artist, I mean it IS my profession.  And the fact that I could not get my spoon or fork to behave, shows that this is probably going to be pretty frustrating for the average person.

I know one thing, I’m sticking to the makeup brushes and sponges I’m used to from now on.  I might go as far as to use my fingers, but never again with a fork and spoon!

But I’m curious to find out from you out there – Have you tried this fork and spoon makeup trick before?  Or will you try it now? 

Here are some of the makeup products I used in this video if you’re interested :  Eye shadow palette : Pixi by Petra Its Judy Time // Skin contour palette : It Cosmetics Je Ne Sais Quois  // Brows : it Cosmetics  // Necklace : Stella & Dot // Lipstick : NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in “San Paolo.”