Nearing The End Of My Invisalign Treatment

near the end of invisalign treatment snellville monroe ga Gray Orthodontics

If you have been following my blog for the past 9 months (I hope so!), you know that I’ve been receiving Invisalign treatment with Gray Orthodontics.

Right now, I only have 5 trays left before I am through with my treatment!! Yahoo!!!  

In these pictures of me after my sons birthday party, I actually have my trays in.  I’m always fascinated by how un-noticeable they are!

During my visit in January Dr. Mark Gray added two additional aligners (attachments) to one upper and lower tooth to help tweek the movement of my bite.  That makes 7 total now.  The aligners are the clear attachments applied to my teeth that make my trays snap and stay in place.  You can see a photo of them in my latest scan further down in this post – they’re the little things that poke out from my teeth.  They will obviously get removed at the very end.

One thing I don’t think I’ve discussed much along this journey is that these attachments are not noticeable at all once your trays are in.

However, if you get lazy (like I have in the past) and don’t have your trays in for the 22 hours a day like you’re supposed to, they can start to rub the inside of your mouth.  Which is kinda annoying.

After I have done this and gotten a couple of sore places on my mouth, I now realize that those results are a GOOD thing.  Because it has made me more diligent about keeping my trays IN at all times to prevent that from happening!  Except for when eating of course, which I realllly like to do.

invisalign treatment update snellville ga orthodontist Gray Orthodontics

Update from my last Invisalign appointment a week ago.

Dr. Gray was extremely happy with my results from my Invisalign treatment and so am I!!  You can see from my latest scans above, that my teeth are not overlapping in the front anymore.  I’m not sure they could get any straighter but he says there’s “always room for improvement.”  And I like his approach to getting my smile just perfect!  I’m in the home stretch.

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(FYI : If you live in the Snellville/Monroe/Athens Georgia area and are interested in Invisalign treatment, you can rrequest more info and a free consultation through Gray Orthodontics HERE.)