This Iconic Nars Blush Just Got Duped By A Target Look A Like

Nars Orgasm blush dupe beauty blogger JennySue Makeup

Yep, the iconic Nars “Orgasm” blush just got duped by a $16 look a like from Target!

Just in case you’re new to this cult favorite – the Nars blush is $30 and has been the #1 selling blush in America for years that flatters most skin tones.   I doubt there is a beauty blog out there that hasn’t highlighted this blush at some point in time.  You would probably find it in every single makeup artist’s kit on the planet…I  actually have two of them in mine!

nars blush dupe pixi beauty blushnars dupe pixi by petra blushnars blush dupe Rnars blush dupe R beauty blogger JennySue Makeup

This Pixi by Petra Beauty Glow-Y powder in “Rome Rose” is my latest blush crush and Nars “Orgasm” doppleganger.

This dupe (or duplicate) found at Target, who carries the Pixi by Petra line, is worth giving a virtual high five to because it’s so dang close!  It has a similar color, shimmery finish, and just the right amount of gold, only with a lower price tag.  A whole $14 cheaper!

And dare I say that perhaps I enjoy the cheaper Nars dupe BETTER than the original? It has just a tiny touch more pink to it than Orgasm but barely noticeable to the naked eye.  Here’s how I see they stack up against each other…

How they compare :

PRICE   Nars : $30 //  Pixi :  $16  (Pixi wins with a 14 dollar difference – basically 4 trips to Starbucks)

WEIGHT   Nars :  .16oz  //  Pixi :  .36 oz  (Pixi wins with  clearly  more product for the price with Pixi)

PACKAGING   Nars : dark black flip top squared compact. closes securely and has a mirror included  //  Pixi :  circle pot with a screw top and no mirror  (Nars wins with this one because I love an attached mirror and easy to close product)

SMELL  Nars : none  // Pixi :  none  (a tie)

COLOR   Nars :  a peachy-pink blend with subtle golden highlights   //  Pixi :  a pinky-peach blend that leans a bit more pink than the Nars with bold golden highlights  (this is tough to pick a winner because sometimes I like the more peach side and then some days I am feeling a slightly pinkier blush, so calling this a tie too!)

OVERALL WINNER :  I’m going to have to go with Pixi on this one!!! I mean, for the amount of product you’re getting and how similar this universally flatter blush is, a $14 product is going to beat a $30 one most days.

I find great joy in discovering a good dupe that acts like a high end makeup product.  Because even though sometimes the pricier versions ARE better, it’s always nice to have a similar product that is cheaper so that you could always have one in your purse and one at home without breaking the bank!


* Fun fact about “Orgasm.” :  As for this product’s provocative name, François Nars (who is the founder of NARS ) said that he actually created the name first in 1999, THEN the shade because he wanted something “shocking.”  “I want people to remember the names and you can’t forget this one.”  Yes, Francois I’d say so that you nailed an unforgettable name.

*Fun fact about “Rome Rose” : It was created in collaboration with lifestyle blogger Aspen Ovard.  She developed it along with Petra for the girl that likes to keep her makeup to a minimum but wants to achieve a subtle flush look without it being overdone.


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