The Most Marvelous 2017 Met Gala Makeup & Hair Looks

The Met Gala is one of fashions most OUTRAGEOUS nights of the year.

The celebs and Hollywood elite go full throttle with their style – from the dresses, to hair and makeup, all the way to the jewelry and manicures.  The more outlandish the better for this red carpet.  Take Katy Perry for example, as the night’s co-host…


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Pretty out there huh?  I’ve searched around about why her headpiece says “witness” and apparently it has something to do with an upcoming album…I think.

There is a THEME every year for the Met Gala.  And this year it was honoring Rei Kawakubo, the founder of the high end fashion label Comme des Garcons : Art of the In-Between.   I don’t know enough about this brand to speak intelligently on it or to agree/disagree how the stars interpreted this brand or wore it.  So we aren’t going to get that deep into it on this post! I’ll leave that for the true fashionistas.  (A link at the bottom of this post will take you to 7 things you should know about the brand if you’re curious. )

What I CAN talk about, are the most marvelous & popular beauty trends seen on the red carpet!

No, I wasn’t actually AT the Met Gala, but I did record E! News live on the red carpet and followed Twitter during it. Same thing as being there right??  There were some obvious trends seen multiple times that the stars put their own spin on.


Shades of pink in the makeup were very popular and brought on a super fresh faced vibe.  Everyone looks pretty in pink!! Of  course Rihanna took her pink makeup to the extreme having it travel down her eyes onto her cheeks, but hey, she’s RiRi.   Here’s a post I did on pink makeup that you can take ideas from for real life – not red carpet life 🙂  And if you are wanting to try a more dramatic pink eye makeup look, go to my post here. 


Selena Gomez //  Taylor Hill // Rihanna  //  Little ole me! 


Bob hair cuts usually make me think of my bad hair days as a kid (think Dorothy Hamill, circa late 1970’s).  But at the Met Ball, bobs were more “chic” than “childish.”  I would never cut my hair this short, but I would consider trying out a wig, which I read is most likely what all of these celebs were wearing anyway!

To get that glossy look on your bob (or even non-bob haircut), try the Gloss & Toss Shine serum!  I use it on the daily!!  It will tame those fly-aways and give you the ultimate shiny locks!  TIP : I use mine on damp hair then blow dry the shine in – works like a charm.  Gloss & Toss also has a Flex Spray hairspray that allows you to turn the dial according to how much hold you want – brilliant huh??  If you want to keep a bob looking sleek like these ladies, good hold is a must.  (My Gloss & Toss products were sent to me by the brand for review and consideration only.)

lily-collins-met-ball-2017kerry washington bob met gala

Lily Collins // Kyle Jenner // Kerry Washington 


My personal go-to eye look is ALWAYS a winged eye so I am partial to the flicked liner.  Especially when they’re done in a bold and dramatic fashion!  When you sport a winged eye, it exudes huge amounts of confidence and a “look at me!” attitude.  If you’re still perplexed and frustrated with how to get a cat eye – check out my YouTube video Scotch Tape trick HERE and this blog post showing a super drama filled winged eye HERE.

There were many variations of winged eyes, but my absolute fave was Johnny Depp’s daughter Lily who did the double up wing which is truly cat like.  I did an older tutorial on how to create this exact feline look HERE.

lily-depp-met-gala-2017-makeupmet gala makeup 2017 winged eyesHailee-steinfeld-met-gala-makeup2017cat-eye-winged-eye-beauty-blogger-jennysue-makeup

Lily Rose Depp //  Candice Swanepol //  Hailee Steinfeld // My Cat Eye Version

Who was your favorite beauty or fashion look from the night?  

I’d have to say that dress and beauty wise, I’m going with Zendaya.  She was the complete package.

Met gala arrivals ZendayaZendaya-Hair-Makeup-Met-Gala-2017 Wearing that bold print on a large princess-like train and off the shoulder, paired with that wild hair and orange lipstick, was just perfectly youthful for her.  She had just enough drama and edge without looking foolish…like ah hem, many of the people on that red carpet!

Her lip color is by Covergirl but won’t be released until July (it’s the Melting Pot in “Tangelo”) but if you want a similar shade now, try out MAC’s “Morange.”

(If you’re still wondering why Comme Des Garcons was celebrated this year at the ball, you can go here for 7 things you need to know about the brand. )