Do NOT Miss These Beauty Must Haves From The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is pretty much the biggest sale of the year.

Kinda think Christmas comes to July.

nordstrom anniversary sale do not miss beauty items 2017

This sale is one of the ‘popular kids’ online and in the department store world, because it’s been happening since the 1960s. Serious staying power.  This is where brand NEW seasonal items in almost every category in the store goes on sale, significantly on sale.

And believe me, as a former employee of Nordstrom back in my 20’s, this sale is the most memorable of my entire time there in cosmetics.  People go NUTS for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!

It’s the type of annual department store sale that gets one excited about the fall…even when you live in Georgia in 97 degree heat and 100% humidity.  So speaking of the hot temps, since it is really difficult for me to imagine wearing suede knee boots right now, (I am currently wearing flip flops) I’m going to talk about the best in their BEAUTY EXCLUSIVES category.

I have combed through the sales and found the creme de la creme offered in the beauty category that you should truly look into before they’re all gone…


  1. Simple Human Round Sensor Mirror, $167  ($250 value )  I own one of these, and I’m obsessed obsessed.  It gives you crazy clear up close images of your face, brows, pores, you name it.  The lighting is perfect. You’ll never want to use a cheaply made mirror again.
  2. MAC Look In A Box Advanced Brush Kit, $49.50 ($167 value) MAC brushes are some of my favorites in my kit.  Even though this says “advanced” brush kit, it’s got 6 very easy to use brushes and gives you just whwat you need for your eye beds, eyeliner, and skin.  The gold and black combo looks super cool too.
  3. Ted Baker Cosmetics Pouch, $31.90 ($49 value) I have wanted one of these every year and every time I go to buy this super chic lipstick pouch, it’s sold out!!! Guess most women think it’s as cute as I do! (It also comes in a pale pink but isn’t on sale though)
  4. Featherweight T3 2 Hair Dryer, $134 ($200 value) I have lots and lots of hair and I really dislike drying it. It’s probably my least favorite part of my getting ready routine.  But, I think this might would turn my wet hair upside down and make me like this process better.  The reviews all around speak for themself.  And it’s super cute with the rose gold accents 🙂

Now onto, MAKEUP

  • Trish McEvoy Power Of Makeup Confident in a Planner, $225 ($554 value)  Trish is known for making it easier on the everyday woman with her signature trapper keepers of makeup if you will.  This one is a 16 piece collection and addresses every beauty concern and need you could have.
  • Benefit’s Sizzlin’ Six Mini Best Sellers, $29 ($67 value)  This description of Benefit’s products pretty much says it all.  These 6 items are the best of their collection and I have used every single one of them and agree. This price is killer for you to sample them all.
  • Angel Pride Cheek Palette, $59 ($175 value) Nars is responsible for the most iconic blush of all time (‘Orgasm’ of course) so it’s pretty safe to say any cheek palette they create is gonna be killer. This one has soft pinks to mauve shades of blush with a highlighter and their popular bronzer ‘Laguna’ included.
  • MAC Look In A Box Early To Red Lips, $36.50.   It’s just a given, if you’re gonna wear a red lip, you do NOT want it to bleed all over your face!! And these 3 MAC products are gonna keep that red lip nice and tight and keep it where it’s supposed to be – on your lips! Their Prep + Prime lip treatment is worth the $36.50 itself! These lip color, primer, and lip pencil kits come in a NUDE and HOT PINK as well.

Don’t forget about SKINCARE!

  1. Charlotte Tilbury The Gift of Magic Skin Mini Set, $75  ($135 value)  Every time celebrity makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury gives her makeup tips, she ALWAYS starts with skincare.  It’s the most important thing to getting your makeup and skin to looking flawess and red carpet ready!  She has created these 3 magical formulas (and yes, they get seriously phenomenal reviews) and you can try them out in smaller sizes to see how they work for you!
  2. Paula’s Choice Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant Duo, $35  ($56 value)  I have talked about this product numerous times and personally find it to be one of the only products I repurchase.  After using for 2 weeks, you’ll see a difference in your skin.  From helping diminish blackheads because it’s a gentle skin exfoliant (it’s a thin liquid), to slowing down breakouts due to the salicylic acid, it’s a winner winner chicken dinner skin product in my book.  (I spoke about it in this anti-aging post)
  3. Molton & Brown Body Wash Orange & Bergomot, $39 ($60 value)  If your shower is your “you time” like it is mine (away from my little rascals), then this body wash will make it all the more enjoyable. I’m not sure what they put in this exact scent to make it so yummy and refreshing, but it smells luxurious.
  4. Estee Lauder Repair + Renew Skin Collection, $98 ($150 value)  I worked for Estee Lauder back in my 20’s and the product they were most proud of was the Advanced Night Repair and it STILL continues to be one of their most popular and effective products.  This is a great value for a full sized Night Repair Complex serum, along with a smaller cleansing foam, cream, and eye cream that work together. When using these every night, it will help to improve skin’s visible firmness, to dramatically reduce the look of lines + wrinkles, and help with overall radiance.

Right now is early access to the sale for only Nordstrom card hold members but the full access to everyone will open up on July 21st, just FYI.  If you go to my picks right now, and want the major sale, make sure you’ve got your card handy!

(If you’re interested, my Skagen Chronograph Mesh Strap watch I’m wearing in the first pic is currently part of this mega sale at $139! Originally $215)

Have you ever shopped this popular sale before??  I can’t wait to hear what deals everyone scored from the biggest sale of the year! Leave any suggestions of what your must haves are  in the comments below!