Why Gel Blush Can Change Your Face For The Better + A Video

cheek gel natural blush pixi by petra beauty

Blush is a game changer for a gals complexion.

Sadly, as we get older, we lose natural color in our faces…*sigh.  So one of the best ways to put it back in is to add cheek color!

And GEL BLUSHES are the perfect cheek product because they end up looking SO effortlessly natural once applied. For these hotter months we are in, I like to stick to lightweight products like gel products. The last thing you want to experience is thick heavy makeup melting down your face…yikes! 

I’ve got a quick video sharing my love for a specific gel blush while I was on a recent beach vacation with the fam.  It’s the Pixi by Petra Beauty Cheek Gel Blush, $14, that  I spoke on in my last blog post on looking younger with makeup tips here. 

Make sure you hang in with the video to see my epic mom blooper at the end! I kinda can’t even believe it got included but my hubby insisted it was a keeper and shows true #momlife….

sheer cheek gels for summer beauty blogger jennysue makeup

Shades from left to right : Rosy (strawberry pink),  Flushed (blackberry),  and Natural (light mauve)

pixi by petra sheer cheek gel swatches

Swatches from left to right : Flushed, Rosy, and Natural. (This is my daughters forearm – in case you are wondering why my arm looks so smooth and small!! Hahahaa!)

sheer cheek gel most natural cheek blush

Wearing “Rosy”

natural cheek color with sheer cheek gel pixi by petra

There’s a reason why gel blushes are the star of the rouge world.

They give you a natural looking flush that a powder formula just can’t deliver.  And if you find this new fangled formula intimidating because you usually rely on powder formulas, no worries.

One of the great things about gel and cream blushes is that you can apply it with your FINGERS! Easy breezy lemon squeezy.

Go slowly.  Just simply dab a tiny amount directly onto the apples of your cheeks with your ring or middle finger and blend away.  I always start with a tiny dot and layer until I get the right color.  Mainly because most of these gels are highly pigmented (just like this Pixi one) and a little goes a loooong way!

What comes first – the blush or the foundation??  The latest gel blush formulas are so advanced they can be applied in any order you’d like. Most have a non-greasy finish and go on without messing up the rest of your makeup.  To get fool proof results, apply your gel blushes AFTER you apply your creamy products but BEFORE any powder formula makeup products. That’s really the only rule.

You can always use these gels after moisturized skin alone for that gorgeously natural “I woke up like this flush!”

best blush gel blush by pixi beauty

A recent photo from my Instagram wearing the color “Flushed.”

Somehow these formulas lend a glow with no shimmer necessary which I LOVE.  And they can also do double duty as a lip stain which is just one more reason to love them.

What’s the one gel product you can’t live without?