A Short Blogging Break

Taking a blogging break.

My friends, I’m taking a little break from blogging this week (if you haven’t already noticed from the lack of posts on my blog and Insta!).  This is due to a BIG life change of moving out of our home of 12 years and into our new home we have been building for months!

The transition has had my brain and schedule all scrambled. I honestly find myself doing dumb things like trying to get out of the car with my seatbelt on and trying to find my phone while I’m talking on it. That kinda crazy train!

But I’ll be back at it once we are all settled into our new place and I get into my very own office and don’t have to share it with my hubby…Yay!! (*insert celebration confetti emoji.)  I literally can’t wait to see the whole house come together, it feels like waiting for a new baby to arrive!!

Here’s my new favorite quote on why it’s okay to take breaks every once in awhile. 

Thank you so much friends for being patient with me and I’ll be back soon!!