10 Last Minute Super Easy Halloween Costume Ideas

Better late than never might actually work in your favor when it comes to dreaming up your Halloween costume this year.

Even though I personally like to go all out with my Halloween costume (mine revealed at the end of this post), I give people credit if they just try!  I have always loved the idea of Halloween because dressing up as something other than myself is just plain fun.  (And stealing a few Twix from my kids candy bag is an added bonus!)

I have done some research for you around the net and found 10 super easy Halloween costume ideas if you are just out of time, money, and creative juices.  Putting the emphasis on “easy” and DIY…

  1. Lego
  2. the Yearbook Photo
  3. the Bread Winner of the family
  4. Pig in a Blanket
  5. the Crazy Cat Lady 
  6. the Morton Salt Girl 
  7. a Unicorn
  8. Rosie the Riveter
  9. a Scarecrow
  10. a Cereal Killer (ha ha!! so clever)

This year, our family members will be going as the following :

Me – I am going as a DEER. I found this beautiful deer makeup tutorial  that I can’t wait to try out!

Hubby – The HUNTER to my deer!  All camo and bb gun included (no bb’s will be loaded however!)

Jack – CRASH TEST DUMMY.  We ordered a yellow morph suit and I’m using a black sharpie market to draw the black marks on it to resemble this.

Walker – KYLO REN.  We bought this mask from the Disney store in NYC a couple years ago and it’s time it got some use!

Vivian – HARLEY QUINN.  I shared our test run outfit and makeup on her here.

What are you going as for Halloween? Do you like to dress up?