How To Find Your Personal Style

how to find your personal style athens ga makeup artist

Defining ones personal style should actually be quite easy.

Your “style” when it comes to fashion and/or beauty is wearing whatever EXCITES you the most!

And when it comes to making a good first impression in any situation like a job interview, meeting new people at a holiday party, going to your kids school functions, etc., your style speaks before you even do!  It tells others a lot about you just by looking at you and is a fun way to express yourself.

I was recently asked to be a part of a blog series called “Style Spotlight” for a local women’s boutique here in Athens, Ga, Sonia Says

I got to pretend to be a model for a few hours and wear a bunch of really beautiful clothes from their store that reflected my personal style while shooting at different locations around town.  Be sure to check out their blog here to read my style mantra  and see more photos from the shoot.

finding your personal style athens ga makeup artist

I think it’s important to be able to maintain our very own sense of style while also being able to adapt to what our life throws at us.

Personal style is all about feeling legitimately beautiful in what we are wearing and being able to approach the day with confidence.  Whether that’s swiping on a bright pink lipstick that makes you smile bigger or layering a rad leather jacket over a not-so-rad white tee, it’s whatever makes you feel like you.

My style is all about mixing up cheaper more affordable pieces in makeup and clothing with a more expensive piece to balance things out.  I also am a BIG fan of color in every aspect of my look.  Of course black always works, but I’m usually going to throw in a bold printed scarf or shoe for a pop of color!

Since I am always on a budget (but don’t want to look like it!) I feel like I’ve mastered the art of blending my less expensive Old Navy tees with a high end pair of denim and a few pieces of nicer jewelry to balance things out.

But of course personal style can be elusive at best.  Sure most of our styles are always evolving and I’m sure most people can appreciate a handful of different styles.  But usually there’s a specific style that truly speaks to you and makes you feel like your most fabulous and fashionable self!

Here are a few easy things to try when defining your personal style : 

  1. Pick pieces that EXCITE you!  I know that this works for me in almost EVERY aspect of my life – even in my home and food choices!!  The random pillows that I find that I can’t leave the store without, suddenly make my couch that much more inviting to sit on! So of course it will work for your personal style too.  It definitely takes time to develop your perfect wardrobe, but if you come across that necklace, jacket, or pair of shoes that are calling your name, and they’re in budget of course, I always so go for it.  You’ll find somewhere to wear it.
  2. Search for inspiration. There is nothing wrong with looking for outfit inspiration from our favorite actress, celebrity or blogger! One of my fave ways to be inspired is to head to Pinterest, type in the celeb whose look I favor most and pin a few pics of outfits they’ve worn. Then I will try to find stuff in my closet to recreate the look!  Or go shopping…
  3. Know what looks good on you and what doesn’t. This is what great friends are for!! I have a few of those girlfriends that I can ask in a dressing room or send a selfie to and say “does this look good on me? yes or no?” and they’ll come back with an honest yet loving answer every time!! Just because a look is “on trend” doesn’t mean it’s always meant for you. Even though jumpsuits were the trend du jour a couple years ago, I tried them like three times and ended up hating how they looked on me in every picture. I wanted to like them, but my short waist just didn’t work with them. Same goes for makeup – just because your girlfriend says her orange based red lipstick makes her feel like a movie start, doesn’t mean the same will always go for your pout.
  4. Be open to new experimentation, but always go with your gut.  This is pretty simple and straightforward. Sometimes our gut, okay MOST of the time, our guts are right!  If your gut says that you might actually could pull off that purple pair of denim but you don’t own a single piece of purple in your closet, give it a try! It might become your new fave pair amongst a sea of boring blue jeans.
  5. Don’t dismiss how impactful accessories and makeup can be with defining your style.  Don’t you know those women that always look so amazing even though they are just wearing a simple white tee and glossy lip?  That probably is because that simple tee is adorned with cool animal print shoes, the perfect thin hoop earrings, or a chic structured handbag.  Those types of accessories can make a basic look fantastic.  And that glossy lip is probably the perfect shade of sheer pink that compliments her skin tone!!
  6. Always make your wardrobe work for your lifestyle.  You of course want your style to reflect your personality and how you want the world to see you.  However it also needs to make sense in many areas such as the city you and climate you live in, your career field, and your overall lifestyle whether you are single gal or a mom of 3+ kids! Make sure the clothes allow you to function comfortably in your real world! You’ll never see a stylish lady wearing an uncomfortable pair of shoes that makes her walk funny 😉

*And if you love the “There’s A Chance This Might Be Wine” travel mug as much as I did (it was a prop I borrowed from the photographer!) then I found some cute ones here, here, and here! These would make the cutest cheap gifts for the holidays! *