Would You Wear It? The Bright Upside Down Eyeliner Trend

upside down eyeliner trend how to wear bright liner

I am bringing the UPSIDE DOWN EYELINER trend back and its future is BRIGHT!!

Think a shot of bold infused color applied UNDER the lower lash line.  So you’re flipping the norm of eyeliner on the upper lash line.  It’s a total cool chick look.

For me, COLOR on my face is what really gets me excited about wearing makeup.

Sometimes the monochromatic and neutral shades (or even the #nomakeup movement) just doesn’t move my meter.  I feel more alive and ready to start the day when I sport at least one swipe of fun color on my lids or lips!

Hollywood stars like Olivia Munn and Janelle Monnae recently rocked this eyeliner trend beautifully. Which shows you ALL skin tones can wear this look!  You just gotta have the spunk and confidence to do it.

How to pull it off :

  • First, find the color of bright eyeliner that is the best contrast and pop of color to your natural eye color. For example, if you’ve got green eyes, try a plum or purple, if you’ve got blue eyes try a fun metallic gold or bronze. If you’ve got brown eyes, any bright will do!
  • Then sweep that vibrant liner either just inside the waterline for the most subtle pop, or line the inner rim AND just outside of the lash line and smudge away for more drama (that’s what I did in my look!).
  • Be sure to pick a liner that is waterproof and doesn’t have any major fallout issues. You don’t want clown color all over your face! Pro tip : It can’t hurt to start with an eyelid primer (this one gets top ratings for staying power!) under that lash line and then to set with a matching eyeshadow on top of the liner if you’ve got the time.
  • You don’t have to forget the upper lids entirely – swipe on a pretty neutral taupe, champagne, or brown shadow and of course add mascara!
  • Then just be sure that your blush and/or lips works in harmony with this eyeliner trend. Meaning let your eyes do the talking and the lips and blush be more neutral and light.

tobi open shoulder tops spring 2018

With spring weather on the horizon that means we can easily start experimenting with brighter and bolder shades of makeup!  And why not shake things up by doing something unexpected like this with your eyeliner?!
Here are my fave high end and low end stay put eyeliner formulas with bright color options
from Urban Decay and  NYX .
Thoughts on this look?  Would you wear this eyeliner trend??
My cold grey shoulder top is courtesy of Tobi.
They have some amazing and very wearable styles for spring at really great prices! I’m wearing a size small for reference. How cute was this white cutout tee I wore from them on my Instagram on my 40th bday? I’m wearing a small here as well.

NEW blog post up on “What Turning 40 Feels Like.”💁🏻‍♀️ I mean it’s still kind of weird to say.😳 💻Went a little deeper than usual on this post – some things might surprise you but then some won’t (gray hairs multiplying like friggin’ Gremlins).👵🏼 Link to actual post up in my bio.👆🏼 🤔While you’re here, I’d love to know how old you are? Been curious what ages are following along with me, so leave it in the comments if you’re cool with that! I’m feeling like maybe I need to adjust my beauty content towards my new age range!🤣 What do y’all think??👇🏼No matter what age you are, wear it proudly! 🌞I’m obviously OVER winter so I’m busting out the short sleeves and throwing jackets over them until it actually stays warm! My cutout tee is c/o @shoptobi. #ageaintnothingbutanumber

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