Why Meghan Markle Is Everyone’s Fave Beauty Muse of 2018 + A Video

meghan markle beauty muse over 35WHAT is it about British royal weddings that is SO exciting and intriguing to us?

According to a story found on the Huff Post, there is an obvious explanation as to why we care so much about real life royalty and their nuptials.

“We are fascinated and obsessed with fairy tales. They have been a part of our society’s fabric since childhood.

They help us escape from the everyday mundane.”

I mean I can’t disagree that royal weddings are the equivalent to the Disney fairy tale weddings I read in my golden books when I was a kid. And they’re still being read in my house now that I have a 7 year old daughter.

Seriously who doesn’t love the idea of wearing a REAL crown and the overall opulence that goes along with the title of princess and prince??  It’s true that the British royal fam actually represents a real life fantasy that we can all follow along with and live vicariously through today.

So let’s talk about the most recently engaged couple of Prince Harry + Meghan Markle. Who in my humble opinion, bring a fresh and non-stuffy vibe to the royal family.  Maybe it’s because they’re accepting an American Meghan into the family!!

Meghan Markle beauty secrets

Now I’m not implying that William and Kate are super stuffy, but they do seem a bit more reserved than this soon to be married couple. And I can only base this statement on just what I’ve seen on E! Entertainment news, so take that with a grain of salt;)

Prince Harry is of course a super cute and dashing ginger haired prince who has been a bachelor for awhile. But it’s his fiancee that is the ULTIMATE stunner in this power couple.

Ever since they announced their engagement, I have been impressed by Meghan’s effortless approach to beauty. 

Which of course leads me to wanting to know ALL about her makeup and beauty tips.

So I started digging on the internet…because that’s what 40 year old moms with 3 kids and a job have time for right??!! Ha!!

And I’ve made a little video about my findings so have fun watching!  You can read more and shop links to the products I mentioned on down below if you like!

Can we start with the most surprising find in my opinion.  Meghan is 36 years old.

When I first started seeing her online photos and TV appearances, I was pegging her at maybe 30…maybe.  So when I found out she is 36, it made me love her even more and slightly obsessed to find out what her beauty/skincare routine must be. Because she looks AH-MAZING and NEVER overdone.

Harry is 33 if you’re curious…I was. And I love he went for the older woman!

I might have even “stole” one of her makeup looks if you scroll down further to see my copycat Meghan makeup version!!)

There are multiple stories online of magazines & pop culture sites asking Meghan what her fave products are.

So since her reps didn’t get back to me and grant me an exclusive interview with her (haha) I figured I would gather up ALL of the info I could from the other sites and compile them in one concise post.

All you need to know about Meghan Markle’s beauty must haves below and why you’re gonna love her as much as I do.

She doesn’t love foundation.  In pretty much every article, she admits to being more of a concealer gal and relies on YSL Touche Eclat to hide her dark circles and any other problem areas.  If you can’t afford Touche Eclat, try the It Cosmetics knockoff called the Perfect Lighting Radiant Touch Magic Wand – just as good in my opinion and almost $10 cheaper.  If she HAS to have more coverage, she’ll go Laura Mercier Illuminating tinted moisturizer. But she almost always lets her freckles shine through instead of covering them up – and that ladies and gentlemen is one of the keys to her youthful look!! I might now need to start faking freckles with a brow pencil… (via BeautyBanter)

Her favorite go-to eyeliner.  A makeup artist she often works with turned her onto this MAC Teddy Eye Kohl eyeliner which is a deep brown with flecks of gold in it.  She said it’s also one of Sophia Vergara’s favorites.  Well, I need to go add that to my cart right NOW. (via HelloMagazine)

Don’t leave out the lashes!  She SWEARS by the eyelashes serum Revitalash for growing out her lashes (which hello, this is one of her main features I love!) and she likes to wear Diorshow Iconic mascara to show them off.  Now this is not my personal fave mascara that I have tried because I was UNDERwhelmed by the outcome for the cost.  But she rocks it so you go Meghan. I always say that mascaras work in strange ways for different people – kind of like perfume doesn’t smell the same on everyone! (via Allure.com)

She likes “Orgasm” just like everyone else.  The iconic BLUSH by Nars called “Orgasm” that is.  Literally you can’t go wrong (whoever you are!) saying that this is your go-to blush. It’s the perfect rosy peach combo. (via TownandCountrymag.com)

Skincare secret.  Not sure how I’ve never heard about this specific product from Kate Somerville before now, but just glad to say now I have.  And now I have to have it!  Meghan relies daily on Kate’s Quench Hydrating Serum to keep up her glowing skin. And not only does the future princess give it two thumbs up, but it gets almost 5 stars on Sephora! (via Eonline.com)

meghan markle makeup secrets

My very best Meghan Makeup Imitation!!  What do you think??  I even added a few fake freckles with a taupe eyebrow pencil for fun!

Engagement photo worthy lip color.  The engagement pics of Harry + Meghan were kind of a big deal.  And the even bigger deal was the lip color she wore that was the perfect nude-ish shade that gives the illusion of natural, but with full coverage and just enough color.  It is Charlotte Tilbury’s famous Matte Revolution formula in “Very Victoria” (after Victoria Beckham).  Apparently sales for this shade have skyrocketed since word got out about this color! (via HelloMagazine)

I don’t own this particular color but found a relatively close dupe in Buxom Bold Gel lipstick in the shade “White Russian” that I’m wearing in this photo.

Shop the above mentioned products below :

Of course it’s obvious the outward beauty of this woman that initially made me curious about her beauty routine. But after reading many articles on her and trying to find out superficial things like her favorite mascara, I also came across this ONE on her thoughts of growing up biracial and how she has embraced and celebrated it.  It is a must read to know more about why I think Meghan Markle is just as pretty on the INSIDE as she is on the OUTSIDE.

And isn’t THAT what makes someone a real muse!!

The big wedding date is set to be May 19th of this year.  Now I wonder if she’ll stick with the natural effortless makeup look for the big day or step it up a notch? Are you into royal weddings? Will you watch Harry + Meghan’s?

If you’d like to read the rest of the Huff Post article on why we’re all so smitten with royal weddings, you can check out the full post here.