How To Get The SMOOTHEST Legs This Summer : The Gillette Venus Platinum

With summertime right upon us, one of the beauty processes that I literally do every single day during this season, is shave my legs and underarms. 

I know, I know, such a glamorous routine, (NOT) but hey, the results are worth it and it’s not a routine I’m willing to omit!! 

Today I am thrilled to be partnering with SheSpeaks and Gillette Venus on this post.

I’ve actually been a loyal Gillette Venus razor buyer for years – even before my blogging days!!  

So every now and then I get cheap and buy the sucky plastic throwaway razors and end up totally regretting it because they tear up my legs. OUCH!!  You’d think I would learn my lesson. It’s the worst to try to save a few bucks at the cost of cut up legs in jean shorts.

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve had the joy of using their newest family member to the brand, the Gillette Venus Platinum and the Gillette Venus Extra Smooth cartridges that can go with it.

The Venus Platinum is a weighted handle razor that feels super luxurious and premium because of the weight which I really like.  It doesn’t slip out of my hands like the cheapo light ones do.

Jennifer Duvall Venus Platinum 2

This razor glides through my crazy fast growing hair and leaves me with no nicks or scratches – just smooth hair free skin!! I’ve become a little obsessed with it. Seriously, I can whip through my shaving routine quicker because of it. (Although probably not recommended, slower is safer, but hey, I’m a mom, shower time is limited!!)

And with swimsuit season in full effect, the Gillette Venus Platinum razor has become my new bestie!

I even took it with me on my recent trip to the Dominican Republic because I didn’t want to be without it and have to use some cheap throwaway from the resort gift shop!!

gillette venus platinum review

Relaxing in my cabana in Punta Cana with smooth hair-free skin!!

Shopping Details :

Swimsuit : Macy’s, $40  // Straw Hat : Target, $15 // Razor : Walmart, $9

Luckily with this nice handled razor, I’ll only need to buy replacement cartridges which is great because I can switch those out with any that are a part of the Venus family.  Currently I’m using the Extra Smooth blades with it. 

This new fancy razor can be found at your local Walmart which makes it easy to find and easy to get your replacement cartridges when you need them. Because if you’re like me, you’re already at Walmart buying a bazillion other things from groceries to socks to sunscreen!!

Have you tried this Gillette Venus Platinum razor yet? Do you shave everyday like me??

(This post is sponsored by SheSpeaks. Thanks so much for supporting the brands that make JennySue Makeup possible!)