A Look Inside My Home Office : A Pretty (And Functional!) Workspace

My favorite place to get creative, (besides doing a new creative makeup look in my bathroom:)) would definitely be in my HOME OFFICE space.

Gone are the days when I could pull my thoughts together or send emails from the kitchen or dining room table.  I MUST be in my cozy office upstairs away from the chaos of the rest of the house in order to get into my beauty blogger and small business owner mode! 

Ever since we moved into our new home almost a year ago, I couldn’t wait to decorate my very own office space.

It’s not a huge room, but the best part about it is that it’s FULL of natural light (4 big windows that cover two of the four walls).  This is key for when I work with my makeup clients on private teaching sessions, bridal trial runs, or even filming a YouTube video for my channel. (Are you a subscriber yet??)  Also, sunshine keeps me in the best of moods – I couldn’t work in a dark room and be productive!!

In a nutshell, my office vibe consists of :

  • Splashes of gold and silver,
  • Votivo Red Currant candles burning (all timer favorite scent),
  • bright whites + grays, (Sherwin Williams “Repose Gray” is my wall color that is also throughout our main living space),with dashes of black accents thrown in,
  • drawers of makeup products,
  • and gallery walls of colorful beauty inspiration!!

I pride myself in the fact that my office is functional but fun for me, and it didn’t have to come at a large price tag. There’s not a single piece in here from pricey retailers like Restoration Hardware and such. Not that I would hate that, it’s just NOT in the budget!

I definitely have to decorate on a dime because my style/bank account is more Ikea and Target.  I also like to take old pieces and spray paint them (watch out, I’ll spray anything!!) or adding removable wallpaper to items to give them new life like you saw in the video.

beauty blogger's home office inspo brighttech floor lamp

The most important pieces in my home office that make it functional would be…

  1. Lighting. Like I said, light, light, and more light is such a necessity for me as a makeup artist.  In addition to an overhead fan light (it gets hot with all the windows so a fan is a must), my 4 large windows, and table lamps, I recently was introduced to the lighting company called Brightech.  As you saw in the video, my cute little switchero of floor lamps, shows two of the lights we received from the retailer. Their designs are clean and simple with a contemporary feel and the prices are extremely reasonable.  I love how the Luna design fits nicely in one of the corners of my office and does not overwhelm the room.  And of course it looks cool 🙂
  2. A Desk (duh!).  Every boss lady needs a desk to sit at and rest her computer on.  My desk is pretty old – it’s the Micke style from Ikea ($99) and was super plain and white for a long time. But I changed all that when we moved and added this peel and stick Devine wall paper in a spotted print to make it a bit more fun and funky and I just love how it turned out!! Answering emails and sitting around can be boring at times.  So adding a little spice to my desk makes it a bit more enjoyable to do the monotonous work stuff! My mirrored desk that I lay my makeup kit out onto is currently on sale for $80 off its original price on Pier 1 here!
  3. Seating : A glam couch & acrylic high chair.  Every now and then I leave my desk to go sit on my comfy black loveseat with metal legs.  It was a huge find at Marshals one day for under $150 (what?!!) and I snatched it up.  (found a similar one here for $300) It’s also great for clients to sit on when they come to my office for consults. I also have this acrylic tall chair (I think I called it lucite in the video -that’s not right! these are acrylic plastic!!) to put clients at the right height for when I do their makeup.  It adds a cool girl feel to the office I think and is easy to clean!
  4. Inspirational wall decor. This part is very personal to anyone’s home office and mine is a hodge podge collection of things! I love the print from The Met I bought while we were in NYC and even thought it was pretty cheap just to buy the poster, just by adding a nice frame and mat it made it look expensive! (thanks to my mom for doing that:)) I love the JSM initial lights (even though I rarely turn them on) and adding small pieces of artwork from friends onto my wall.

I hope you all enjoyed this little peek into my office!  You can shop some of my exact office details and similar items below.

If you’re wondering WHERE all of my actual makeup that I use to work on clients is, it’s in my two travel trunks and some behind the closet door which was not video/photo worthy because the closet is a hot hot mess!! Ha ha! Maybe those details will be a later video!!

The space is still in need of some work and I want to keep adding to my gallery wall but it’s slowly but surely coming along. Also wanting to get a fun hot pink chair for my desk if anyone has seen one!  (The biggest need is to start organizing my filing cabinet to be a better record keeper as a small business owner, but that’s not as fun as decorating!! Ha ha!!)

Special thanks to Brightech for the amazingly chic floor lamps! Be sure to check them out if you’re in the need for any string lights, floor or table lamps for your home or office.

*Video created by my hubby Scott of Jawavifilms.com

*Photos taken by Sara Wise Photography of my office details