Why Your Makeup Probably Isn’t Lasting As Long As It Should

how to use a makeup setting spray

One of the biggest makeup frustrations that I hear from friends and clients alike : “Why doesn’t my makeup last all day long??”

Easy answer. You’re probably NOT using a MAKEUP SETTING SPRAY!

If you don’t want any fading, dripping, or flaking then you should definitely think about adding one of these into your makeup routine.  A lot of people wonder if they really work or if they’re just a marketing scheme by the big bad beauty industry! But I say they’re definitely worth a spritz on the face to help in the wear of your makeup.

I find them particularly helpful as I get older because for some reason my face seems to EAT my makeup (*sigh, the joys of over 40!!).

Luckily, makeup setting sprays have become pretty popular with most brands and are easy to find.

If high end cosmetics is your jam, there are pricier ones out there OR if you’re on a budget, drugstore brands can hook you up too!

Recently I did a short fun edited Instagram Story showcasing how I use these sprays that you can watch HERE

“What is a makeup setting spray and how does it work?”

It’s basically hairspray for your makeup! They usually contain types of polymers and some have alcohol. They help to act like a shield against sweat, general clumping, and keeps makeup from fading.  Some can also help your makeup look less powdery and better blended.

Science : Basically the polymers act by forming a film over your makeup so it doesn’t budget.  And when it’s sprayed, the droplets of polymers basically evaporate once they hit the skin and merge together to form that film that holds your makeup in place.

How To Apply : I spray mine in an X formation across my face then in a halo shape around the perimeter of my face. Ideally 4-6 sprays is just enough.  More than that and you might get your makeup too wet and it will start running!! After you’re done spraying, I go a step further and use a fluffy foundation brush (this one) and lightly pat the product into the skin being careful not to disturb the makeup though!

how to use a makeup setting spray to make makeup last longer


Typically makeup setting sprays are applied AFTER your makeup is applied, but there are times that if someone needs it to be more waterproof, you can spray in between each step of makeup application like eyes, blush, powder and so forth.

Just remember that these aren’t something you’re going to want to use every single day – just for those days when you need heavy duty makeup longevity.

Some of my favorite setting sprays that get great reviews by price points are :


Do you have a makeup setting spray that you can’t live without? I’d love to hear which one it is!

(My edited Insta story was created by my talented hubs Scott of Jawavi Films )