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I’ve owned MANY makeup brushes and brands over my 15+ year span as a makeup artist. They’re my tools for creating the most flawless and creative makeup looks.

However once I find a fave, whether it’s a brand or style of brush, it becomes my go-to and I can’t seem to complete my look without it! Well I’ve got a new fave brand and for good reason.

If you’ve been following along with me over the past month on Instagram, you might have seen that I am honored to be partnering with aDesign Beauty makeup brushes created exclusively for Amazon.

And we all know that buying anything on Amazon is a good time!!  Anisa International, who has created this line of duo brush sets (2 in a box) is a local Atlanta based company who has been in the brush biz for over 25 years. They have created private label brushes for the likes of Kevyn Aucoin to Sonia Kashuk for Target…THEY KNOW MAKEUP BRUSHES.

Yours truly shot by Ahmad Barber for aDesign Beauty.

 There are 15 total brush duo sets in the line but today I’m going to introduce you to a few of my very favorite duos I’ve been using and how I use them. 

If you’re like me, brushes are something I know from the first try if they’re a hit or a miss – all of these below mentioned brushes are a huge hit and feel like super expensive brushes but without the high price tag. As in every duo is UNDER $38 for two brushes!!

So without further ado, here’s my guide to which ones you should be adding to cart on Amazon today for Cyber Monday because Amazon has discounted each brush, some as high as 42% and others at a lower discount.  (They’ll still be available thru the holidays for amazing pricing as well just FYI.) 

adesign makeup brushes on amazon concealer

DUAL PERFECTION CONCEALER BRUSHES, $28  Expertly designed to apply, mask, and blend concealer into the skin for a professional and clean finish.

HOW I USE THEM :  The smaller flat head concealer brush I use with cream eyeshadows, or my eyelid primers and paint pots  on my lids. I also use it to precisely paint on concealer in specific areas (as shown below under my eyes, around nose, and under lip) then I use the fatter dome shaped concealer brush to buff and blend these products into my skin.  I use a buffing and rolling motion with this brush and it’s amazing the airbrush effect it gives!!

Let’s continue on with the category of brushes for the eye beds…

DUAL PERFECTION LINER BRUSHES, $16.00  This liner duo pairs perfectly with all sorts of eyeliners and gels ideal for finishing off a bold OR basic eye!

HOW I USE THEM : The slanted liner brush is great for applying powders or gels to create the perfect eyebrow OR the perfectly sharp winged eye! Then the smudge brush is to do just what it says, smudge or soften up your eyeliner once it’s applied. I can smudge a pencil, kohl, or gel liner with this brush and it immediately creates a soft smokey look to blur any imperfections in your eyeliner application.

DUAL PERFECTION CREASE BRUSHES, $16.  Get the perfect dimension with your favorite matte or shiny eyeshadows to create a more defined look.

HOW I USE THEM : The fluffy brush is used for all over shadows that go over the entire eye bed as well as good for blending and softening multiple shades once applied.  The tighter dome shaped brush is one of my FAVE crease brushes that fits perfectly in the crook of your eye socket to create the dimension of a cut crease look, just see below!

DUAL PERFECTION DETAIL FACE, $20.  This makeup brush duo offers the best balance of fibers designed to sheer buildable coverage – ideal for CC and BB creams and for applying foundations and primers.

HOW I USE THEM :  These are awesome face brushes.  The smaller angled fiber brush I use with my face primers. I love prepping my face with this brush and it evenly distributes your primers onto the skin.  The chunkier fiber brush is the best at airbrushing all of your CC, BB, and liquid foundations with!! It’s like a magic wand for foundation. And for $20 for both brushes, your skin will thak you!!

DUAL PERFECTION HIGHLIGHT, $28.  Each head shape is thoughtfully designed to seamlessly highlight and illuminate high points of your face.

HOW I USE THEM : Now with these two makeup brushes I go a little further than just highlighting with them! With the larger fluffy one I use it for applying bronzer along my neck and around my face, as well as all over illuminating or skin finishing powders.  Then the smaller head highlight brush is tiny enough to hit the high points of your cheekbones with your fave highlighter or even for the perfect amount of blush if you have a smaller delicate face!!


Those are some of my favorites from the aDesign collection.  I hope that you enjoyed this post and now have a better idea of how to use each well designed duo. Can you even believe the price points for these beautiful and high quality brushes?? And I forgot to mention they are all synthetic bristles (but you’d never know it by the feel and softness!!), cruelty free (NO animal testing), and eco friendly packaging.

Building your makeup brush kit is very essential so definitely play around with different brands and find what works best for you – your lifestyle, budget, and your face!!

Have you tried the aDesign line yet? What are the brushes you can’t live without? I would love to hear!

(I do use affiliate links in my blog posts at times. So if you purchase a brush duo from my links provided here today, I will earn a small commission from your purchase. I certainly appreciate your support of and the information I provide on this platform!! xoxo, Jennifer)

Thank you also to aDesign Beauty for trusting in me enough to ask me to partner with them on this campaign with Amazon!