5 Unexpected Winter Style + Beauty Ideas To Try

When you read the title of this post, we have to use the phrase “winter style” lightly because I live in Georgia.  The day I took these photographs with some of my other blogger girlfriends, it was in the low 60’s…in January!! Ha!  But seriously I’m not complaining. This southern gal isn’t really good with the bitter cold.

It’s been awhile since I’ve done any STYLE related posts so I was feeling the itch to share a few things I’ve been doing with my wardrobe lately.  These ideas have kept me interested in what I currently own…without having to buy any new clothes. (shoes are a different story however 😉

So today I’m showing you a few unexpected ways to spice up your winter look – from makeup to clothing. And they’re all  budget friendly of course 😉

So let’s start with the face first since makeup is kinda my jam…

Living for the “Portrait Mode” on my phone that blurs out everything around me so nicely!!

Idea #1 : Windblown Cheeks.  Swipe on a brightly colored blush for the perfect wind-chapped cheek look And I mean really pile it on! We lose a good bit of natural color in our faces during the colder months because obviously we aren’t outside as much in the sun so we need to replace that color.  And I am a BIG fan of cheery colored cheeks because they make our faces look happy!  And with lots of cheek color, you can go more natural with your eye makeup to balance it all out.

Formula wise, I love a good cream blush in the winter because my skin gets sooo dry and the cream formula puts back a bit of that dewiness into my skin.  For this look I used the Pixi Beauty Sheer Cheek gel (in color Rosy) because it soaks in nicely, looks fresh, and I can layer it until I get that really windblown cheek!  Other cream blushes I like are here and here.


Idea #2 : Dark Vixen Lips.  A super dark lip actually looks more sweet than goth, when you pair it with those bright winter cheeks! I’m wearing Smashbox Be Legendary lipstick in “Witchy” here which is a deep deep burgundy.  Some other fave deep lipcolors + formulas in the dark wine category are here and here.

Also to to note, I add these Isle Of Paradise self tanner drops (shade medium) to my moisturizer about once or twice a week, just so I don’t look too Elvira when its not Halloween.

Now let’s face it, dark lips can be high high maintenance. But I’ve got some tips for keeping your dark lip looking their best…

  • 1. Make sure your lips are well exfoliated – because flaky lips with dark shades is just a no no. I like this exfoliator
  • 2. Apply your dark shade in thin layers, blotting in between each layer with a kleenex for better staying power. Gives you almost a deep stained effect which I really like.
  • 3. Stick with matte formulas – creamy and satin ones will tend to slide around your face more.
  • 4. Lip liner isn’t always necessary and sometimes makes dark colors look too harsh with a dramatic lip line. Therefore I prefer to keep them unlined and trace around the lips with a bit of concealer to keep the color from bleeding.


Now let’s get into some style ideas…

And remember, this is my version of winter style since I’m a southern girl. No huge parkas or gloves necessary in my neck of the woods, Ha!! So take my style tips for what they’re worth!

how to wear summer dresses in winter with sneakers

Idea #3 : Throw Your Winter Sweater Over Your Summer Maxi Dress!  Why should your maxi dress have to stay in the closet over the winter, when it can be easily transformed to work all year round??

The best way to make this happen is by finding a sweater that has at least one shade in common with the dress you choose.  In my case, I went with a green sweater that matched one of the greens in my printed dress.  And your dress doesn’t have to be printed like mine, a solid dress works just as well and you could add a printed sweater on top!  Options are endless!!

My sweater I chose was a bit loose and on the thinner side, sooo I knotted it over onto one side to accentuate my waist and not seem sloppy.  I actually love this sweater and it’s only $14 and comes in a ton of color options!


Idea #4 : Rock A Pair Of Fun Tights.  And by FUN tights I mean printed ones, fun fabrication ones, or even fishnets like mine! Of course my Spanx fishnets provide zero warmth, but if you’re in a southern zone, they’ll work just fine.  Seriously though, they’re the coolest. I have even seen people layer their fishnets underneath they’re super ripped jeans to peak thru which is really cute.

Eye catching tights are another way to spice up a boring summer skirt or even allow you to wear your summer shorts all year round too! These argyle ones I’m wanting in a few colors this winter.

Idea #5 : Glam Out Your Sneaker Game.  Sneakers have kinda become like the denim category and are acceptable to wear almost anywhere!  During the winter time I always prefer to be comfortable but I also want to look cute – not too much to ask right??

So have you seen the realllly pricey Golden Goose glitter sneakers all the big time bloggers are wearing? Yeh, shake it off $500+ sneakers. This mama can’t swing that price tag for tennis shoes no matter HOW much I want them!!  So of course I had to research and find a reasonable knockoff brand. And luckily I DID and they’re only $25 here. I love a good SAVE over SPLURGE most days don’t you??


If you’re interested, my winter colored backpack purse, it is the Henri Bendel Jetsetter Backback and is serioulsy such an amazing bag. It’s an investment piece, but totally worth it from my mom perspective, as I still need a bigger bag to carry kids STUFF in. And I like hands free 😉

Which one of these style/beauty ideas is your fave? 

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