Use This $11 Drugstore Product To Get Glowing Skin Without Wearing Highlighter

Happy New Year everyone!! This is my first post of 2019 and it’s about two of my favorite subjects – GLOWING SKIN + DRUGSTORE PRICED MAKEUP!!

Most of us over 30 and 40+ loooonng for dewier skin that resembles the fountain of youth because our skin tends to lose its luster the older we get.  Sad but true fact.  And lots of women I know are intimidated by the idea of using a highlighting powder in order to grab that glow. This is because I’ve heard,  “it looks too harsh, fake,” and the whole application with the right brush process is “too difficult.”

So what’s my easy peasy solution to lackluster skin??  This L’Oreal True Match Lumi Glotion that is used and trusted by Beyonce’s makeup artist Sir John. (article confirming that here).

I means if it’s good enough for Bey, it’s definitely good enough for JennySue!!

And look here, I’ve got a short video showing you exactly how I use it!! Watch below then keep reading…

The great thing about this glotion is that it’s really easy to apply and looks really subtle however makes a noticeable difference. You can use your fingers just like you do with your moisturizer to rub it in.  Can’t get any more simple than that right??

Why I find it’s better for some women than using a highlighter is because it doesn’t have obvious shimmer or glitter in it.  It somehow gives a glass-like luminous finish without the cheap looking glitter particles found in lots of highlighters.

This lotion is usually $15 but I found it on Target for under $11 right now.  It comes in 4 shades – I bought the light glow, and it’s also available in fair, medium, and deep so there’s a shade for everyone!

Splurge or Save : I’d say this is the broke girls version of the closest thing to my Charlotte Tilbury Wonder Glow that runs me $55! (You’d have to get the shade medium in the L’Oreal for it be closer to the outcome you get from the CT that only comes in one universal color and is more golden.)

Shop the product : 

How I use it : This is not a replacement for your moisturizer if you have dry skin like me. It’s a glow enhancer. I apply it after my moisturizer but before my foundation. Some people apply it all over the face which is totally a preference thing. If you like to glow all over though, by all means, go for it!!  Ain’t nobody stopping you!!

But I prefer to apply it on the high points of my face (like Sir John suggests he does for Queen Bey). This means the tops of my cheekbones, down the bridge of nose, top of upper lip, and occasionally the high parts of my brows.

If you find you’re not glowing enough after you’ve applied your foundation on top,  you can always add a few dabs of it with your finger on top of your makeup by tapping it into the skin. It soaks in nicely without disturbing your other makeup.

Bonus : It dries and absorbs into the skin quickly and has zero scent.

This product is one of my favorite drugstore buys from 2018 and I’m really hoping L’Oreal keeps it around for a long time. Maybe I should go ahead and buy multiple tubes because we all know how cosmetic companies like to discontinue things!! Ha!

What do you use to get your skin to glow?? Please share in the comments below!