Clean It Up – Best Eye Makeup Removers

Well I’ve been out of pocket from my beauty blog because I’ve been visiting my parents who don’t have WiFi so my laptop couldn’t connect and more amazingly they have no computer – Yes, there are still people living in the United States in 2008 that don’t have home computers.

But despite the slightly amusing fact they haven’t quite caught up with the techno world, I do enjoy going through my parents guest bathroom drawers. Now wait…before you jump to conclusions, I say this because my mother is very accommodating and always fills the bathroom with cosmetic “freebies” from makeup counters and “goodies” from hotels for her guests to rifle through and enjoy. And there’s always new stuff to look forward to each time I visit home.

I was at my parents house to get family pictures taken with my husband and my boys. So when I forgot my absolute favorite eye makeup remover, Bi-Facil by Lancome, I frantically searched for a decent replacement amongst the shower caps, body lotions, and toothpastes.

Low and behold, I discovered a product by Clinique I’ve never used before. Clinique’s Take The Day Off remover for lids, lashes, and lips, proved to be an awesome find! I had some hardcore waterproof mascara on and some smokey eyes that were going to be rather difficult to remove (my reason for worrying that I’d left my beloved Bi-Facil behind and that I was going to be left with no option but to wake up with smokey eyes for the next morning). This Clinique liquid was just as gentle and non greasy as my Lancome, and about 9 bucks cheaper!

Both eye makeup removers prove to be worth their cost. I hate having to scrub my eye makeup off with a washcloth or having to use some of those really greasy cheap removers from the drugstores. We all know you should be super gentle around the eye area because it’s usually the first area to show distress and age caused by wrinkles (which is a tough battle to fight) and then by tugging too hard on your lids in order to remove your makeup. So it might not be such a fun purchase like a new tube of lipstick, but it can certainly make your night go a little easier when it comes to removing the makeup mask you applied for the day. And they both clean so efficiently and easily, that you won’t end up looking like an Amy Winehouse mess! And NO ONE wants to emulate that look, right??!

Oh, and mom, I’ll work on asking Santa to hook you and Dad up with a home computer for Christmas….