JennySue Makeup’s :: 7 Classic Makeup and Beauty Products

When I think of a classic beauty, only one actress pops directly into my mind – Michelle Pfieffer. This woman has a perfectly symmetrical face and has aged so gracefully (she’s 50 years old!!! no joke). She actually seems to get more beautiful with age. I don’t care if she has had any nips, tucks, or other surgical help. Whatever she’s doing looks dang good on her and I applaud her efforts.

When it comes to classic makeup and beauty products that won’t ever go out of style, there are seven that instantly come to mind which every girl/woman should have in her makeup drawer at some point in her life.

Here are some all time best sellers:

1. Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser ($11). Everyone should wash their face at night before getting their beauty sleep, and this soap-free cleanser is ultra-mild and receives rave reviews from those with dry and sensitive skin. But never fear you oily skinned ladies, they make a daily facial cleanser for you too!

2. Tweezerman Tweezers ($19). No one makes tweezers like this brand, and they are slanted to the perfect point to pull out the teeny tiniest of hairs. They come in tons of hip colors to make plucking fun. There’s even a special edition pair that have actual Swarovski crystals embedded in them for a bit extra glamour!!

3. Oil of Olay Original Beauty Fluid ($9). This old school moisturizer has been on my face since I was in junior high and I watched my beloved granny apply it to her face everyday. There’s no harsh scent, soaks in nicely, and leaves no greasy feel.

4. L’Oreal Voluminous Mascara($8). There are tons of mascaras out there, but this drugstore one always does the trick to plump up skinny lashes.

5. Nars Blush ($25). Bound to become a classic because this formula of blush is perfect and delivers beautiful color. Colors “Mata Hari” (bright strawberry pink) and “Orgasm” (shimmery peachy/pink) will be around for a long time.

6. Clinique’s Almost Lipstick in Black Honey ($14). This not quite lipstick, not quite lipgloss is the perfect sheer formula and color for all shades of skin. It will never go out of style and has been around for years.

7. Aquaphor ($7). This healing ointment does everything. From healing burns and scrapes, to relieving dry and cracked lips (great lip balm too), and protecting skin from dry and cold weather – it’s also good when used sparingly around the eyes to prevent wrinkles!!

Now using all 7 products might not give you Michelle Pfieffer’s fabulous face, but they’ll definitely put you in the right direction of looking like a classic screen siren. And you have lots of price points to choose from, so if you’re missing one of these from your makeup cache’, go treat yourself!